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Latest update: 21/12/2021 11:04:55

AMITE Co.,Ltd.

We have arranged a sales system for TRC, a new battery that can be used even if it has a hole in it!

A new, safer battery than ever before has been born. This battery is completely different from lithium-ion batteries, which can generate heat, expand, or emit smoke. Our company scheduled its launch for February 2021.
This new battery was developed by TRC TAKADA Co., Ltd. It can be used in a very wide range of applications, including housing, cars, power, and home appliances. We are the exclusive sales agent for TRC TAKADA, the developer and manufacturer of this new battery.

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Sales Pitch

Lithium-iron-phosphorus composite oxide, for a completely new battery
We are aiming for widespread use in a wide range of fields, including storage batteries for home use and for disasters!
The world is being flooded with products that use batteries, but they all pose the risk of overheating, swelling, or igniting due to impact shock or the environment in which they are used. In fact, there are batteries that are banned from airplanes and batteries that have to be housed inside the rigid frame of an automobile, making them highly dangerous for something so familiar.
This is why batteries are sometimes inspected to see if they can be safely disposed of by giving the cell a shock, such as putting a nail through them. No abnormalities occur when our company's batteries are pierced by a nail in such an inspection, and we have even confirmed that they can be used safely afterwards. The products we sell have excellent safety performance.
TRC batteries, which can be used even if they have a hole in them: 6 features
[Safety] No explosion or ignition even after making a hole in them, or overcharging. Can be used even after immersion in seawater. 
[Long life] The charge/discharge cycle is more than 3,000 times, but an oxide is used, and the cells can be used semi-permanently. 
[High power] Holds three times more power than lead batteries. 
[Wide range of operating environments] Can be used in a wide range of environments, from -20°C to 60°C.
[Low self-discharge rate] The self-discharge rate is 3% per year. Remains fully charged even in long-term storage. 
[Environmentally friendly] The main material is metal, so disposal is easy. We can collect them free of charge.
Proven safety
The TRC battery has passed the following safety tests. Normally, these tests are conducted to check for ignition, expansion, and heat generation (for safe disposal), but TRC batteries can be used normally even after these tests. These are batteries with extremely high safety. 
Gunshot test (bullet penetration test by the Taiwan military): Passed
Nail penetration test: Passed
Overcharging test: Passed

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