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We contribute to society with the invisible force of magnetism

We are a company that pursues the application of magnetic force, which is invisible to the naked eye but is used in many parts of society.

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Motors, electromagnets, coils
Motor maintenance
Our company's core technology is in the maintenance of motors in plant maintenance. We are involved in the maintenance of important motors used in various plants, and we are able to extend the life of equipment and improve quality, cost, and safety. We can also rewind the coils in motors, so we have the technology to renew motors by reusing the case and core.
Coils cause electromagnetic force, eddy-current heating, accumulation at a target position, attraction, and so on, and various phenomena can be generated in magnetic materials. For example, we have produced the following equipment.
Electromagnetic force: Motors, electromagnetic stirrers
Eddy current heating: Various heaters such as high-frequency heating
Moving to a target position: Knee osteoarthritis treatment coils
Suction power: Lifting magnets, magnetic separators
There are many other possible application devices.
Magnets for charged particles
Charged particles such as ions, electrons, and protons are used in a variety of fields. Magnets are used to bend, expand, and converge beams of these charged particles. We manufacture and supply magnets for use in semiconductor manufacturing equipment, Spring-8, PET reagent manufacturing machines, proton beam therapy machines, and so on.

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