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Latest update: 31/08/2021 13:21:53


We are a Reliable Developer, Manufacturer, and Distributor of Various Automatic Packaging Machines and Packaging Materials.

Our motto is to deliver products that meet the needs of each era, primarily through the sales and service of packaging machinery and packaging material systems.

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Sales Pitch

Business Outline, Main Products, etc.
Business Description
Design, manufacture, and sales of pack sealing machines, cup sealing machines, tray sealing machines, top sealing machines, blister sealing machines, filling sealing machines, automatic filling machines, vacuum gas displacement sealing machines, gas filling sealing machines, and labor-saving machines.

Sales of containers, trays, cups, roll film, laminated film, and labels.
Target Fields and Products
Food Products
Prepared foods, cooked noodles, cup noodles, jelly, pudding, mizuyokan, cheese, miso, natto, tofu, snack foods, dried taro cakes, cut vegetables, frozen foods, retort pouch foods, marine products, desserts, salmon roe,  meat, salted fish guts, fish roe, mozuku seaweed, mekabu, cooked rice, fruit, rice cake, Japanese sweets, Western sweets, cooked beans, steamed egg custard, egg tofu, oyster, asari clams, Japanese pickles, kimchi, tsukudani, cup soup, salmon flakes, shirasu, agricultural products, and others

Industrial and Chemical Goods
Dehumidifiers, air fresheners, deodorants, cosmetics, ink cans, bath salts, insect repellents, sealing materials for construction, electronic components, and others

Medicine and Medical Items
Sanitary materials, cotton balls, injection needles, contact lenses, medicinal solutions, reagents, blood bags, medical equipment, and others
Representative's Message
Since its establishment, our company has been manufacturing and selling packaging machinery and materials. Throughout those years, we focused on technology, trust, and after-sales services to respond to customers' patronage. We have always worked hard to become a machine manufacturer capable of delivering more satisfying systems. 

Amid rapid technological innovation, we will keep focusing on developing unique technologies and provide excellent and reliable product information with gratitude and sincerity. All the while, we will strive to become an indispensable entity to our customers by mobilizing our younger generation and demonstrating the advantages that only small businesses have. We hope you will support us in this endeavor.