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Sintering and Polyimide Technologies Provide a Unique Range of Products

Polyimide Moldings: Applicable from high temperature to an ultra-low temperature. Available for use in special environments.
Diamond polishing sheets: Heat-resistant, long-lasting (kneaded together) polishing sheets. Good track record in a variety of applications.
Diamond blades: Metal blades with a hard bond for long life and long-life Ceplax (resin) blades.

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Polyimide Molding, Diamond Polishing Sheets, and Diamond Blades from Sintering and Polyimide Technology
Polyimide Moldings
This highly functional resin can be used at high temperatures to ultra-low temperatures. Thanks to its heat resistance, radiation resistance, low water absorption, and processability, it has been adopted in a wide range of applications, from the space business to semiconductor manufacturing and inspection equipment.
Diamond Polishing Sheets.
It is a polishing sheet made of a polyimide base kneaded with diamond. Due to its heat resistance, long life, and low diamond loss, it is used in various applications such as automobiles, semiconductors, and jewelry. We are aiming to expand our business into new fields and markets.
Diamond Blade
Our 2 to 4-inch metal blades have a long life due to the solid bond. We can also supply Ceplax blades (resin blades) made of polyimide.