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Latest update: 25/02/2022 13:37:53


We focus on employee training and encourage young people to play active roles.

Our company is a metal processing manufacturer mainly focusing on surface treatment business. We try to respond to customers' requests as much as possible to earn credibility and build a relationship of trust. We provide multiple types of plating and respond to various needs flexibly, from large-lot mass production items to irregular items.

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Various Types of Plating
[Hard Chrome Plating]
There is an excellent management system in place to handle high-mix small-lot productions of parts for all industrial fields, based on excellent production facilities and working environments. Using four large and small plating tanks, our state-qualified Class 1 and 2 plating technicians directly apply hard chrome plating films of all types (glossy, satin, etc.) with a thickness of 1 μm to 500 μm. In addition, we have earned an excellent reputation and trust from our customers by adding value to the products by applying finishing methods that meet their specifications.

[Nickel Plating]
Various nickel plating treatments are available, including matte nickel plating, strike nickel plating, bright nickel plating (nickel plating in a barrel), and nickel-chrome plating.

[Soldering and Lead Plating]
We offer tin-lead solder plating to meet the needs of our customers. It is used for connection boards and terminals in the storage battery industry.

[Electroless Nickel Plating]
Electroless nickel plating uses a chemical reaction to apply a film without electricity. It is ideal for products requiring dimensional accuracy because the film is applied evenly to complex shapes without uneven thickness.

[Black Chrome Plating]
Black chrome, which produces a jet-black film, is used for weak electric and communication equipment parts. It provides excellent corrosion resistance and a very durable coating compared to black paints.
Buff Polishing
If you need to smooth, deburr, or chamfer the material surface or make it glossier after plating, Nissei Metal Plating can handle everything from plating to buff polishing with our in-house integrated system.
Quality Inspection System
We established a comprehensive quality inspection system covering in-process and finished product inspections to ensure that no defective products are delivered. Our skilled inspectors conduct quality inspections using the latest testing equipment, including visual inspection, dimensional measurement, and plating film thickness, to ensure that the products are finished according to the customer's requirements.

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