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Latest update: 21/06/2022 15:26:25


We offer cool clothing and bedding with sustained heat dissipation using the thermal conductivity of silver, and of course with antibacterial and deodorant functionality using silver ions

Our company provides the world's first garments that use the high thermal conductivity of silver to continuously radiate heat and keep the wearer feeling cool with silver ions. This is based on a completely different principle from the conventional contact-cooling sensation of removing vaporizing heat.

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Golf, yoga, gym, running, cycling, soccer, rugby, futsal, fishing, outdoor activities, camping, baseball, lacrosse
The principle is completely different from the conventional contact cooling sensation that soon warms up again.
Silver has the highest thermal conductivity of all metals. By kneading silver ions into the polyester yarn at the manufacturing stage, the effect lasts longer even after washing compared to post-processing such as coating. Heat is continuously dissipated by the power of silver, which has the highest power to transfer heat until there is no temperature difference (thermal equilibrium). 

Conversely, air has the lowest thermal conductivity of all materials, and it gradually becomes an uncomfortable insulator when the temperature exceeds about 26°C. 

The skin is surrounded by a heat insulator, and whether you wear short sleeves, a tank top, or mesh, you are surrounded by air as a heat insulator. And when you sweat, water is one of the lowest conductors of heat, so you are surrounded by an uncomfortable heat insulator. 

Therefore, it is effective to wear long sleeves, leggings, and so on to create a shelter on the skin and release heat by the radiator effect of silver thermal conductivity from a large surface area. Silver ions are 200 picometers (a picometer is one-trillionth of a meter) in size and cover the surface of the fiber widely and thinly, so it has an excellent heat radiation effects. 

Since it is kneaded into cross-shaped section polyester yarn, it has less contact area with the skin, making it silkier and more comfortable than cotton or linen, and the capillary phenomenon between the fiber bundles absorbs steam and sweat and dries it quickly. It is suitable for summer wear, innerwear, socks, hats, bedding, and so on.
Osaka Expo TEAM EXPO 2025 Co-Creation Challenge approved
We have been approved for the TEAM EXPO 2025 Co-Creation Challenge at the Osaka Expo in 2025.

[A project for human- and earth-friendly sustained coolness wear that makes use of silver's high thermal conductivity]

COOL SILVER protects the skin from ultraviolet rays, so it provides protection from skin cancer and inflammation, while the sustained cool feeling prevents heat stroke. It contributes to a future society where life shines brightly by spreading a completely new concept of clothing around the world that allows people to be active in a hygienic and comfortable manner.

We will also take on the challenge of the SDGs.

Goal 3: Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages. Measures against heat stroke and sunstroke in the summer. This is a heat-dissipating fiber product, so it helps prevent heat stroke. 

Also, wearing a COOL SILVER hat and long sleeves will help prevent sunstroke and burns from UV. 

UPF25 UPF30 UPF50+
Goal No. 7 Affordable and clean energy. If used in offices, factories, and other kinds of uniforms, it will be possible to raise indoor temperatures by one degree, which will save electricity and reduce CO2 emissions.

Goal 8: Decent work and economic growth. To reduce the burden of security guards and event attendants under the blazing summer sun, to reduce the burden of those who want to work but conditions are too severe to achieve their goals, and to create a comfortable environment in which people can achieve their goals. This will lead to the welfare of employees, and in turn, make their work more rewarding. 

To prevent people quitting and to keep them working, we need to provide cool summer uniforms, from innerwear to outerwear, and hats to socks.
We have updated our website. 

Basic CSR Policy 
Eco Initiatives
We have clarified our corporate social responsibility policy.

As eco-friendly efforts, we crush scraps of fabric and yarn, turn them into nonwoven fabric, and recycle them as a useful material for dash silencers for motor vehicles.



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