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Latest update: 01/11/2021 13:01:51

MD Precision CO., LTD.

We are a solution company for high-precision die plates and precision metal pressing

We contribute to customer profits with high-precision plates for press dies, high-precision die parts, and our evolving die technology.

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[Strong points of the company]
Quality control system
Our precision stamping experts, who are trained and gain experience in-house, conduct strict quality control using equipment such as image measuring machines, measuring microscopes, and projectors. They confirm the processing accuracy of our pressed products, and also check for scratches, dents, and so on. We have created and implemented a system that will never allow the shipment of any product that does not satisfy the customer's requirements.

To meet the diverse needs of our customers, and to ensure stable high-precision production, we make use of our accumulated know-how while constantly challenging ourselves with advanced technology and skills to achieve high precision, low cost, and short lead times. We deliver important products to our customers with confidence and commitment.
Precision die pressing
People are what support our company's precision stamping. From design to part manufacturing, assembly, testing, and mass production, the people involved are professionals with a wealth of experience and high technical skills in their respective fields. In addition to the technology these engineers hone and polish on a daily basis, we continue to evolve through repeated challenges such as innovations and improvements to achieve higher precision and quality.

Moreover, the parts we manufacture are what our company holds to be essential for our precision pressing. We incorporate high-quality, precision parts, which dramatically improves the response of the die and extends its maintenance life. This also enables our engineers to use their flexible wisdom and skills to identify the characteristics of non-machined materials and die parts, and to carry out highly accurate and stable production.
High-precision plates that make the most of high-precision parts
Since our foundation, we have been promoting high-precision parts for press dies. Even so, no matter how high the precision of the die parts we deliver, that precision is only made useful when they are incorporated into a press die. This is why we believe that we are able to satisfy our customers only by contributing to total cost performance at the site of mass production, such as stable production and long product life.

To make the best use of high-precision die parts, the die plates that incorporate these parts must also be high-precision and free from dimensional changes over time. To achieve this, our company compares and verifies materials and thermal treatment, actively introduces equipment capable of high-precision processing, and works to increase the precision of our die plates.

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