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Latest update: 01/11/2021 13:01:49

Industrigger Co.,Ltd.

We are strong in vehicle-related businesses

We are expanding in various businesses, including seat development, vehicle development, and part procurement services.

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[Company overview]
[Business contents and features]
Seat development business
Support for interior layout planning and seat comfort performance planning
Complete seat and frame development
Seat skin structure planning and prototyping
Development and production of various types of seats, sofas, etc.

Vehicle development and sales business
Camper van sales by manufacturer
Sales of used vehicles
Development of custom parts and various vehicles
Development of specially equipped vehicles, development of custom cars
Various after-sale services, etc.

General part procurement service
Operation of Hakobune Factory, a comprehensive part procurement service

Camper van business
Planning, development, and sales of INDIAN CAMPER camper vans
[Introduction of typical transactions]
Seats with built-in air cylinders for fire trucks
One-stop purchasing support (158 drawings)
Material: SPCC, SPHC, SPFC590, S45C, PP, PE, polyurethane, PVC, etc.

Resin molded products for design models
Manufacturing method: Vacuum casting, surface texturing
Material: PP equivalent

Various sheet metal processed products
Material: SPCC, etc.
Painting: Black cationic electrodeposition, laser processing, scale treatment

In-vehicle boxes for special purpose vehicles
One-stop purchasing support (48 drawings)
Material: SPHC, SUS304, A5052, etc.
Coating: Black baking, mirror buffing of stainless steel parts
[Message from the CEO and President]
Our experience in the design and development of domestic passenger cars allows us to conduct thorough quality control. We achieve low prices by efficiently creating optimal designs that meet the needs of our customers.

In addition to the development and production of aftermarket parts and various types of seats, we can also supply various mechanical parts. We can also produce seats and vehicle mockups for show models and concept models.

We can make use of our experience in launching our own brand to provide support to manufacturers who want to market their products, including branding and sales expansion methods, and help them to make their projects successful.

If you have any issues or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

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