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Latest update: 26/01/2022 13:12:46

Kitten Sound Atelier Co.,Ltd.

We produce high-class audio equipment by utilizing Japanese crafts to produce sound from it.

We produce audio equipment which employs Japanese crafts including Urushi lacquer and celadons. We use such materials not for aesthetic reasons, but as indispensable elements of sound production.

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High-class audio equipment which utilizes Japanese crafts for sound production
High-grade audio equipment which can produce sound in your living room for a long period of time
The exterior which utilizes Japanese crafts fits into all kinds of rooms and produces high-grade sound from various sound sources ranging from TV sports programs to classic music.
In many cases, today's Hi-Fi speakers are designed to suppress box resonance as much as possible and make the most of sound from excellent speaker units. 
We produce speakers with a similar concept. However, the difference between our company and rival companies is that we take thorough measures, accepting the associated cost increase.
Our basic design is that parallel planes are reduced as much as possible to prevent stationary waves, and that the rigidity of the enclosures suppresses box resonance. 
Furthermore, the enclosures are Urushi-lacquered to harden their surfaces, controlling vibration and resonance on the whole. 
In addition, our speakers have gorgeous internal structures. Not only each speaker unit, but also each network circuit is enclosed in an independent space.  
In many cases, cylindrical cardboard is adopted as speaker ducts. However, the resonance of the cardboard may affect the sound from the speaker. For the speaker ducts, we use a material that is the same as the speaker units' material, and their structure is integrated with the speaker units' structure. These measures increase the rigidity of the enclosures and achieve a structure that prevents the production of unwanted sound.  
The enclosures incorporate a high-quality sound unit made in Germany and a network which has been thoroughly and repeatedly tested to produce high-quality sound.
The terminal configurations ensure expansivity, based on the premise of bi-wiring and bi-amplifier connections.
Japanese crafts leading to long life and high-quality sound
Advantages of Urushi lacquer
It does not easily degrade with age. (Urushi lacquer products have been discovered from the remains of the Jomon Period.)
It becomes glossy and beautiful as time goes by.
Urushi lacquer products can be easily repaired. (Urushi lacquer can be applied to them for repair or scar erasure.)
Its vibration suppression properties improve sound quality.
It increases the value of the speakers as interior goods (in both Japanese- and Western-style rooms).
It represents sophisticated Japanese culture and craftsman skills.
In addition to the above advantages, it has various advantages such as antisepsis, waterproof properties, insect control, chemical resistance, antimicrobial properties, and insulation.
Advantages of celadons and celadon products
They rarely degrade with age.
They have high hardness and rarely get scratches.
Their vibration suppression properties improve sound quality (Utility Model Registration No. 3225065).
They increase the value of the speakers as interior goods (in both Japanese- and Western-style rooms).
The ceramic artists who make celadon products for our merchandise have extremely high artistic integrity.
In addition to the above, they also have other advantages such as water resistance and insulation.
For wood working
In order to suppress stationary waves, many of the internal structures of our speakers are irregularly shaped, which cannot be inferred from the outside. Therefore, ordinary wood working craftsmen cannot produce them. Accordingly, we entrust the production to an atelier composed of 1st grade skilled cabinet craftsmen.
We accept orders for made-to-order exteriors.
We accept orders for made-to-order exteriors such as specially ordered Urushi colors and exterior finish with gold or silver powder. 
As for celadons, we accept orders for Beishokuji. 
However, we need time to produce and deliver such products.





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