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Latest update: 25/06/2021 18:17:28


SSP INC.: Save the Safety for People

We can solve problems for all people by providing the brand-new product purified sodium hypochlorite. 
Our wish is for consumers to use safe and effective products.
SSP INC. hopes to provide many people with safety and security through products that have reliable disinfection and deodorant effects. We want to continue producing such products.

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Sales Pitch

We will continue our challenge to contribute to society by distributing our products!
Description and strong points of our business
Production, sales, imports, and exports of chemical products including disinfection and deodorant sprays
Imports and exports of cosmetics and novelties
Filling packages with solutions such as antibacterial agents and deodorants
Integrated handling of all processing including filling, label attachment, lot printing, and shrink packing.
Procurement of various secondary materials including bottles, triggers, and nozzles (We can directly import such products from our affiliated companies outside Japan)
Summary of our main products, technologies, products and services, and examples of their use
Main product: Disinfection and deodorant spray
The ingredients are only purified sodium hypochlorite, from which impurities are eliminated through special manufacturing processes and methods, and pure water.
The concentration of sodium hypochlorite can be stabilized at 0.02% (200ppm), a very low concentration, for two years after opening.
The spray has disinfection effects derived from sodium hypochlorite, and also is highly safe.  
A third-party organization confirmed that the spray does not affect the human body if it is given orally or comes in contact with the ocular mucosa or the skin. (A solution of pH 10.5/1,000 ppm was tested.)
Brand-new sodium hypochlorite solution that has overcome longstanding problems of chlorine-based solutions
Actual usage examples
Space sterilization by spraying the solution (in dental clinics and so on) 
Certification, permission, or authorization that we have obtained
ISO 13485