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Latest update: 08/12/2022 14:04:45

WED, Inc.

Beyond Commonplace.

By utilizing information on consumption and living which is obtained from users registered in an app, we provide companies with services that can solve various issues related to marketing. 

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Sales Pitch

Change the pictures you take into money.
Through the app for purchasing pictures, "ONE", we can obtain data on purchases shown on receipts and pictorial data (including pictures of insurance policies, quotations for house-moving, and New Year dishes) from app users and use the obtained data for various marketing issues. 
This function promotes purchase from users who have taken specific actions.
This function collects purchase information, specific pictures, and answers to questionnaires.
This function can urge users to purchase specific products. (After a user purchases a specific product, he/she can be urged to respond to a questionnaire.) 
This function provides the optical character recognition (OCR) technology (for converting pictures into text) of ONE.
Introduction of reasonably priced plans and strengths
[Details of reasonably priced plans]
(1) Free trial plan
We collect 100 information items free of charge.
(2) Low-operational-cost plan for promoting consumption and attracting more customers
We support the sales increase of restaurants, facilities, as well as shopping malls and the increase of visitors thereto. 
- The app can collect not only receipts, but also pictures.
- Half of the users are men.
- Money saved in ONE can be changed into "experience".
We focus on numerical data, collected from ONE, from various angles and issue a report.  
*Updated every Wednesday
- ONE general election
This is a project for ranking popular products by receiving reviews from ONE users about the products they have purchased. 
Every week, we count the reviews of products in accordance with the types of shops at which users have purchased the products in question together with the product categories, rank the products, and disclose the ranking result.
*Reasons for voting (or reviews of) popular products are also disclosed. 
*The users can vote for products in the ONE app.
Please feel free to contact us.
Applying for and obtaining intellectual properties (patents, utility models, and so on) 
ONE: Patent Application No. 2020-507713
Evolving sales promotion through the effects of data and DX
Based on the OCR technology the reading rate of which exceeds 90%, Zero streamlines sales management duties and turns the receipts, which have been read, into data.  
- The OCR technology of Zero supports the reading of all types of receipt formats. Therefore, Zero can simultaneously be introduced to multiple tenants. 
- Since the system automatically judges whether the obtained data is true or false, labor man-hours in which data is visually checked are greatly reduced.
- Data obtained from OCR processing can be linked to your company's system. 
Your company's sales data obtained from the OCR processing will never be used by other companies. 
- Releasing Zero
WED Inc. and MARUI GROUP Co., Ltd. jointly developed a fare adjustment & sales report system for tenants
Introduction of plans and strengths
[Details of the plan]
Zero introductory plan
- AI and OCR technologies automatically convert sales reports, which had been manually input and managed in the form of paper, into data. 
- Labor man-hours required for checking sales data are reduced by up to 85% or higher. 
- Introduction costs are low. In the shortest case, your company can start using Zero in a month.
Please feel free to contact us.
Applying for and obtaining intellectual properties (patents, utility models, and so on) 
Zero: Patent Application No. 2020-139136

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