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Latest update: 05/02/2021 18:25:54

Shan Guang Enterprise Co.,Ltd

Total abrasive solution and your key to a perfect surface

We are professional abrasive solutions for industry and trades.
Our abrasive experience for all materials and applications mean that we can always find the right approach to achieving the perfect surface finish.

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Surface conditioning with abrasive solution
About Shan Guang Enterprise Co.,Ltd
Shan Guang Enterprise Co., Ltd. was found in 1985 as a professional special grinding manufacturing company.
Begins with OEM production of abrasive products from well-known European and American brands, and has 15 years of OEM processing experience.
Create the brand Shan Guang and SK-3, continue to research, improve and innovate, and produce high-quality grinding abrasive discs.
We sold in domestic and foreign markets, and provided to the aerospace industry, automobile industry, shipbuilding industry, wood industry, marble industry,
Our high-performance abrasive products in various industrial fields, which are widely used in various industries, and can provide customized design requirements of grinding products.
Superbrade disc
This abrasive product is using for stainless steel fabrication,steel,other metals and rubber,wood products.

1.Removing surface defects,rust and oxides.
2.Removing coating such as paint.
3.Use for light deburring, cleaning and surface preparation prior to painting.

1. More safety for the user compare with other competitors, it will not generate high temperature and spark during grind process and the workpiece will not deformation due to the low temperature.
2.The open structure that resists loading and therefore increases product life.
3.The controlled abrasive action minimizes stock removal and therefore reduce the possibility of undercutting or gouging the workpiece.
4.Special designed connector that conforms easily to work piece.



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