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Latest update: 31/08/2021 13:21:57

Uehara sei shoji Co.,Ltd.

Providing Resources Necessary for Daily Life to Meet the Needs of Our Customers

Our company a consumer goods trading firm that deals with petroleum products and construction materials. We also operate retail businesses through our service stations and renovation projects. Being a trading company, we have many sales outlets (customers), which is our strength.

We are currently looking for partners in energy-saving businesses that provide renewable energies such as solar, biomass, geothermal, hydropower, and LED and heat pump technologies. Please feel free to contact us. 

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Life Support Business
Service Stations
Our company, which has sold all kinds of petroleum products as one of Cosmo Oil's most prominent dealers since 1949, operates 28 service stations under direct management. The service stations sell gasoline, diesel, kerosene, and oil, as well as tires, batteries, car wash, and other related products. We also set up our car maintenance shops at Kita-Shirakawa SS, National Highway Hikone SS, and Hikone Matsubara SS and provide car inspection and maintenance services. With the addition of car insurance, car leasing, and car rental services, we have earned a good reputation for delivering comprehensive services that enrich users' car experience.
Home Renovation
A home is the "ground" of our lives. It is not just a place to sleep and eat but a space that supports work, health, peace of mind, family ties, and many other things. To put it a little bluntly, it must be a place that enriches the lives of the families who live there.

The renovation division of the Uehara Sei Shoji Group always strives for customer satisfaction. Each person has unique needs when it comes to the ideal home. Naturally, we gather the latest knowledge and information to make proposals, but we also want to sincerely respond to our customers' needs, even if it is only about replacing a single light in a room. 

From solving your problems to realizing your dreams, we want to work with you to create your home. With this in mind, we will assist you with design, construction, and after-sales maintenance.
Domestic gases, Fuel Cells, and Solar Panels
A convenient and comfortable life created by the warm blue flame of gas. Hot meals for the whole family, baths to soothe away the day's fatigue, and heaters to make you forget the morning and evening chill. To offer a life like this, we deliver LPG to households as a clean energy source with low CO2 emissions.

The LPG we supply is widely used in various aspects of daily life, such as cooking, hot water supply, heating, and cooling. We are also promoting 24-hour monitoring systems and installing safety equipment to ensure that customers can use LPG safely and stably regardless of the form of supply, such as detached houses, apartment buildings, and housing complexes. We will do everything we can to make your life safe and comfortable. That is our promise to you.

Also, we at Uehara Sei Shoji Group offer and deliver a variety of ecological and environmentally-friendly equipment to our customers. In recent years, reducing CO2 emissions from households has become an issue to tackle the global environmental problems; however, energy usage patterns in homes vary greatly depending on family makeup and lifestyle. We help our customers realize a more prosperous life by proposing the best ecological and environment-friendly equipment according to their different life patterns.

If you are considering an ecological and environmentally-friendly lifestyle, please contact us. Proposing eco-friendly and comfortable lifestyles while protecting the global environment based on the idea of the best energy mix is our specialty and something we always strive to do.
Industrial Support Business
Oil plays such an important role that it can be called the heart of modern society. That is why we must never let our guard down, not even for a moment. It is the mission of our oil department to ensure the stable delivery of oil.

As an authorized dealer of Cosmo Oil and Eneos, our company handles all kinds of petroleum products such as kerosene, light oil, heavy oil, and lubricating oil. Our unique logistics system, which links our oil depots in the Keihanshin area with refineries throughout Japan, has been highly evaluated for its stable supply of products. Our trading area has now expanded nationwide. 

We want to add the value of "peace of mind" to our transactions. To be recognized as a partner with whom you can have peace of mind, our salespeople always strive to conduct thoughtful and value-added sales activities to guarantee delivery and quality and provide all the necessary information from the user's perspective.
Cement and Ready-Mixed Concrete
Cement and ready-mixed concrete have been indispensable for building safe and comfortable cities since ancient times, so much so that it is said that it was the cement that supported the prosperity of ancient Rome. Even today, the value of cement and ready-mixed concrete remains unchanged. The history of Uehara Sei Shoji began with the sale of cement.

However, our cement and ready-mix concrete division is not resting on its achievements and traditions but is constantly working to make changes with an eye to the times. In particular, we pay close attention to the development and enhancement of our delivery system. As a prominent dealer for leading manufacturers such as Ube-Mitsubishi Cement and Sumitomo Osaka Cement, we established a stable supply system from quality control and delivery network perspectives to promptly deliver products any time and under any circumstances upon customers' request.

Moreover, sales staff in the cement and ready-mixed concrete division are actively working to acquire qualifications such as concrete engineers, chief engineers, and diagnosticians. They are working to improve their knowledge and technical skills and increase their presence in the field.
Industrial Gases
"Environmental initiatives." This keyword has become a central theme in today's corporate activities. Amid this trend, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is attracting attention as one of the clean energy sources.

We strive to supply both household gas and LPG as an essential energy source for corporate activities. As an energy company handling oil and LPG, we will assist our customers in their business activities appropriate for the coming age by proposing energy that meets their needs.

We will support the energy issues of companies facing many challenges, such as environmental response, energy efficiency, and stable supply. It is our desire as a company responsible for energy supply.

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