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Latest update: 25/02/2022 13:37:49

Showa Techno, Ltd

Electric kitchen equipment, various commercial cleaning machines, labor-saving equipment, control panels, cases, and other sheet metal processing

Our company offers a wide range of services, from precision sheet metal processing, mainly in stainless steel, to large can manufacturing. In-house integrated production from bending and welding to assembly enables us to achieve high quality and low cost. We can flexibly respond to small-lot orders and short delivery times.

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NC Machining
Turret Punching
We can reduce initial costs, respond flexibly to design changes, and meet customers' production needs in any lot size, from a single piece to small lot and mass production.
Laser Processing
The new carbon dioxide laser oscillator is equipped with a new control method power supply to improve the pulse oscillation waveform, stabilizing the laser beam and realizing "Brilliant Cut", a shiny and brilliant processing surface. Brilliant Cut can achieve a cutting surface roughness of Rz 15 μm in the non-oxidized cutting of thick stainless steel plates (up to 12 mm on a 4 kW machine). It is smoother than the surface roughness of a standard machined finish (Rz25μm), eliminating the need for the conventional finishing process.
Press Brake
It adopts a network-compatible, high-speed, high-precision hybrid drive system. This newly developed bending machine achieves positioning accuracy at the micron level. The device maintains accuracy with minimal change over time, even during long periods of operation.
YAG Processing
Compared to TIG, the YAG laser concentrates heat in a very narrow area and welds faster, resulting in less heat input to the base metal. It reduces heat distortion and weld burn, especially with thin plate welding. Since almost no post-processing is required, it helps reduce the manufacturing process.
TIG Processing
TIG welding can be applied to plates of various thicknesses because it uses tungsten electrodes to obtain an extremely stable arc. Another feature is its smooth and shiny bead generated from the use of inert gas (e.g., argon) for shielding. TIG welding has excellent corrosion resistance and toughness, resulting in the highest quality weld among the various welding methods with fewer welding defects.
SheetWorks allows us to exchange 3D data with customers, eliminating the troublesome communication of phone calls and fax messages. The data migration helps us to find rudimentary mistakes quickly. It also leads to cost reduction as we can process differently depending on the plate thickness, using the materials more efficiently.








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