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Latest update: 30/07/2021 15:43:53

Fujikyu Tekko Co.,Ltd.

Our extensive facilities and adaptability make us the best partner for our customers.

NC lathes, machining centers, automatic lathes, lathes with loader, centerless polishing machines, automatic cutters

Many customers choose us because of our ability to respond to their needs by using our extensive facilities that enable us to handle any material in any quantity by using any machining process. Even when faced with a difficult machining job that we cannot take on by ourselves, we can find partners who can do it for us by utilizing our extensive network in the industrial district of Harima. Our new factory started running in 2018, and all our staff members are working hard to promote further automation.

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Conveyor parts, various precision machine parts, gear parts, etc.
We can help you now, and we can also help you 10 years from now.
We are focused on updating our facilities and developing our workforce with the view of achieving sustainable business operations. We are committed to providing a sense of security to our customers so that, when they need something, they know they can count on us. We want to remain the best partner for our customers for years and decades to come.
Selecting different contractors for different machining processes, different materials, and different quantities can be quite troublesome.
The scope of work, including volume/size, materials, and processes of metal working, varies with each company. Customers have various needs today, and finding contractors that can respond to each one of them can be an extremely challenging task for materials procurement staff. We have introduced a wide range of machinery and equipment in our facility to help reduce that burden. Furthermore, we have long-standing collaborative relationships with many reliable partners who can help us with some of the machining work that we cannot handle by ourselves, allowing us to make a wider range of proposals to our customers.
Our extensive facilities and experience help us make proposals that our competitors cannot.
Our extensive facilities and metalworking experience are the core strengths of our company.
We have various skills that allow us to accomplish work that our competitors who specialize in metalworking with automatic lathes or NC lathes alone cannot. We are confident that we can make novel metalworking proposals that can be of great advantage to you. We welcome all inquiries, so just contact us if you want to know anything about what we can offer you.



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