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Latest update: 08/12/2022 14:04:43

Rodan 21 Co., Ltd.

Online consultation services for manufacturing, consultation counter for prototype development

We provide "free online consultation services for manufacturing".
You can consult with us even if you do not have a drawing or you only have a sketch. 
You can consult with us about planning, design, plans, and sale.
Please contact the "free online consultation services for manufacturing".


Sales Pitch

Rodan 21 Parts Atelier
Small-lot production, special-order articles, and custom-made goods
- Our company needs high-quality processing technologies
- The company that had produced the product went bankrupt, and our company is in a difficult spot due to the fact that no other company can provide us with parts for the product.
- No company undertakes small-lot production.
- We need a part the production of which has been discontinued.
Do you have any problems in procuring parts? 
We eagerly receive orders for producing even a single part. Please contact us.
Fields of processing
<Metallic processing>
Helical gears
Small diameter machining
Sphere machining
Small gears
Thermal spraying rolls
Stationary cartridge mechanical seals
Dry mechanical seals
<Rubber and resins>
Silicon processing
Urethane rubber processing
History of award reception and media coverage
[History of award reception and media coverage]
- 2003: Won a Special Award for Manufacturing, the Nikkei Superior Trend-Setting Factories and Offices Award
- The fact that Rodan 21 had won the Higashiosaka CSR management Award was disclosed on the Higashiosaka Municipal Administration News.
[History of doing business or co-development with leading companies]
Zojirushi Corporation: Development of a pot for single use
KOKUYO Co., Ltd.: Development of an office chair
DAIHEN Corporation: Development of a stretcher 
Osaka Gas Co., Ltd.: Development of a gas leak tester
NAKABAYASHI Co., Ltd.: Development of a shredder
3M Japan Limited: Development of a downlight
[Message from the CEO & President (measures for developing new distribution channels in the future, how to utilize J-GoodTech, and other information items]
With an eye on Disaster Key Hospitals, we are working on a project for constructing a "System for Pumping and Purifying Groundwater" in hospitals. We designed and constructed the first plant in the premises of Naga Municipal Hospital located in Kinokawa City, Wakayama Prefecture. We are managing the operation of the plant.

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