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Our company is a comprehensive logistics service provider.  We will do our utmost to support customers in meeting their needs while making the most of our unique track record and know-how cultivated over the 60 years of history and logistics infrastructure.

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Proposing a Wide Range of Logistics Services
We handle various products, including apparel goods, food products, home appliances, and more. Our integrated subcontracting system, where the entire process from warehousing to storage and delivery operates, improves our quality control level and helps our customers reduce their logistics costs and lead time after order.
We have built a unique logistics network with logistics bases and transportation systems in various locations. Also, in cooperation with our partners, we can handle domestic deliveries as well as overseas exports.

In addition, with an eye on environmentally friendly transportation and delivery, we meet the logistics needs of our customers with safe, speedy, and optimal transportation methods.
The introduction of a self-developed warehouse management system (WMS) specialized in warehousing and inventory management has made logistics more visible. The information on the cloud can be shared with customers in real-time. We have introduced the system to customers who had used conventional paper-based inventory management and successfully improved the efficiency of their inventory management. We offer a tailor-made inventory management system to meet your needs.

In addition, it will help standardize the work, eliminating the previous methods that require product knowledge and business knowledge (preventing tasks from belonging to any particular worker). At the same time, it enables a breakaway from dependence on veteran workers, which leads to the immediate empowerment of inexperienced staff and eventually to the rejuvenation of your organization. Also, because it is a cloud-based system, both the shipper and the warehouse can keep track of the same inventory and shipping information at any time.

Our self-developed WMS, packed with logistics expertise cultivated over 60 years, has achieved results for both B2B and B2C companies regardless of industry or business category. We will offer the system in ways to meet the needs of warehouse operations inherent in each site. Implementation support services are also available, where we can explain the use of the system and propose ways to improve logistics both before and after implementation.

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