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Latest update: 25/06/2021 18:17:31

HIKARU Machinery Co., Ltd.

We are confident in mass-production, small-lot production, and high-mix low-volume production in short delivery periods! We process aluminum and general steel materials, as well as cast-metal products. We also gladly receive orders for only machine design.  

Our concept is to provide support from trial production to mass production. We perform processing in-house from design to cutting (square or round materials), post-processing, and assembly. The products include production robots, automobiles, rolling stock parts, nursing care robot parts, parts for auxiliary equipment for agricultural purposes, interior decoration parts, and small wind turbine generators. 
In many cases we perform high-mix low-volume production. We have a track record of producing products for various fields, and we can also mass-produce products. Please feel free to contact us. Please leave it to us for processes ranging from trial production to mass production. 

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Sales Pitch

[Our business]
Manufacture of general machinery
[Description of our main business]
Processing machine parts
Processing precision parts
Designing machines
Designing various types of jigs
Designing metal molds
[Materials that we process]
Metal cast products
[Proposal from our company (1)]
There's no time!
Our company can immediately produce required products (in at least two days).
Our company has multiple units of equipment to produce required products in a short period!
[Proposal from our company (2)]
Placing orders with multiple companies is too difficult!
Our company's network for machine parts and equipment can take on orders for processing, post-processing, and assembly.
Your company does not have to wait a long time for an estimate! 
[Proposal from our company (3)]
We don't have drawings!
Our skilled designers can create drawings by referring to illustrations.
Our company can produce old machine parts for which there are no drawings, or parts requested by individuals!

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