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Producing and selling medicines, quasi-drugs, cosmetics, medical equipment, medical apparatuses, and hygiene products

We have SOL in GEL technology which successfully harmonizes the balance between the gel, which has excellent heat resistance and form retention properties, and the solvent, which has excellent chemical release properties. It is a water-soluble polymer technology completely different from technologies used for conventional skin adhesives.

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Transdermal absorption skin adhesives
Based on the concept of DDS (Drug Delivery System), DIA Pharmaceutical made a significant contribution to the development of TTS (Transdermal Therapeutic System) for skin adhesives and presented a long-lasting transdermal absorption skin adhesive for the first time in the world. DIA Pharmaceutical has continuously delivered unique products that go beyond existing conventional medical products.
Skin Adhesive Cosmetics.
DIA Pharmaceutical introduced a new type of cosmetic agent that adheres to the skin, which perfectly complements conventional cosmetics (cleanser, toner, moisturizer, etc.). In 1981, DIA Pharmaceutical introduced a new concept product called Skin Adhesive Cosmetics to the market for the first time. Today, it has grown not only in Japan, but also into new markets worldwide.
Cooling Gel Sheets
Our "Cooling Gel Sheets" gained popularity and grew in reputation as a hugely successful product in the short 5 years following its launch. It has now become a regularly used health care product throughout the world. Originating as a bold concept/idea to transform old-fashioned “ice bags” into a simple sheet shape, it can be quickly applied when a fever, etc. develops. With immediate results, it applies a strong cooling effect throughout the body. There are three types available: for babies, for children, and for adults. They have since become a necessity for family life.