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Latest update: 02/07/2021 10:44:30

Nagai Co., Ltd.

We provide building materials made of strictly selected base materials, such as wallpaper made of natural materials

We are actively commercializing products made of natural materials such as natural wood and pulp, and we have acquired qualifications such as FSC certification. We mainly release sheet-shaped products in the Japanese market. We provide customers with products made of natural materials which are painted to achieve unique textures, and these products receive favorable responses from customers. 

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Fleece Series painted wallpaper
For more beautifully finished interiors
The base material is fleece (nonwoven fabric), which excels in moisture permeability, ventilation, and tensile strength. More than 85% of the base material is pulp, and the Fleece Series has obtained FSC certification. Water paint is applied to the wallpaper for surface finishing. The matte finished wallpaper produces a relaxing space and brings out other interior elements such as furniture and kitchen equipment. The base material is strong, so the wallpaper is long-lasting. 
For more comfortable spaces decorated by wallpaper with multiple functions 
Our Shikkui Fleece is a high-quality fleece wallpaper to which traditional Japanese plaster wall material is applied in our factory.

Our fleece wallpaper has excellent moisture-controlling properties and durability, and maintains a comfortable living environment for a long period. Plaster has functions such as odor deodorization, antibacterial properties, and antivirus properties.
Lemilliur and Shikkui Fleece are advanced wallpapers that have the merits and functions of fleece.    
Lemilliur antibacterial, antivirus wallpaper that solves current issues
Lemilliur is an advanced wallpaper equipped with antibacterial as well as antivirus functions derived from a photocatalyst. Its other functions include odor deodorization, formaldehyde absorption, and acetaldehyde absorption. We provide 18 color variations of Lemilliur for your interior space so that it will be comfortably decorated.

[Advanced wallpaper that creates healthy spaces]
Antibacterial and antivirus properties
Deodorant effects
Formaldehyde/acetaldehyde absorption  
Algae/mold prevention
Excellent ventilation and moisture permeability
Highly resistant to abrasion as well as impact, and excellent durability

The wallpaper can be attached to walls in nearly the same way as attaching generally available wallpaper.

18 color variations


eterno_fleece wall paper_NAGAI.pdf

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