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Latest update: 21/04/2022 13:45:51


We are a company that plans, produces, and sells household items. We sell general household items such as cleaning supplies, kitchenware, and bath goods. We also sell synthetic yarn.   

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Sales Pitch

Large-sized broom: Whale's Tail
Its width is approx. 45 cm which is about 2.5 times larger than that of standard brooms. 
Utilizing its width, the broom effectively sweeps over a wide area. 
Although it is large, it is lightweight and easy-to-use. 
It can also wipe water from small puddles. 
It can be used for wide spaces in factories, warehouses, construction sites, truck beds, and containers.
Biburan Series
Biburan sponge
A sponge that also serves as a brush. No other company produces this type of product. 
The trilaminar structure allows enough foam to be formed on the sponge and water/foam to be quickly removed. Its brushing effect increases detergency!

Biburan kitchen cloth
It is made of Kuraray Counter Cloth and regularly used by professionals. Since one package contains four colors of cloths, the user can use each color for a particular purpose, enhancing cleanliness. Since its bacterial reproduction rate is low, it is hygienic.



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