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Latest update: 25/05/2022 11:34:03

Y's Engineer Co.,Ltd.

We solve your problems and issues related to Monozukuri craftsmanship

We offer integrated in-house support from proposals, design, and manufacturing to maintenance of various automated machinery that is truly necessary to meet your needs. This includes automatic labor-saving equipment, special jigs, metal parts processing, and control panels.

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Sales Pitch

According to your needs, we propose, design, manufacture, and maintain various automated machines that are truly necessary
Bolt sorters
Bolt sorters sort out incorrect items from a large number of bolts.

Using this machine before assembly and shipping prevents mixing with incorrect items.
Stainless steel multi-tier racks and dollies
Dollies indispensable at manufacturing sites
Manufacturing efficiency can be improved simply by changing to a dolly that matches the product to be manufactured.

From lightweight to heavyweight types
Width, depth, height
Shelf width, number of shelves
Shelf specifications, vertical reinforcing frame
With casters or without casters
Height of handle
Change in bearing capacity
Other (negotiable)

Dimensions that match the size of the product
Made to fit perfectly in the available space
Designed with handles a little lower to make it easier for shorter people to work

With these and other advantages, the appeal of this product is that it can be freely designed to meet your various needs, and can be manufactured to a size that is most convenient for you.

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