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Latest update: 30/07/2021 15:43:56

Asahi Electric Co., Ltd.

Integrated system of production from planning/designing to mass production and shipment of wiring devices, control devices, information/communication devices, disaster prevention devices, etc.

We handle everything from designing/development to manufacture of wiring devices, control devices, telecommunications devices, and disaster prevention devices. By using a weldless technique that involves the molding of colored resin materials (resin that has been given metallic silver or piano black color), we successfully produced a sophisticated design without the need for secondary processing (painting, etc.). Weldless molding of metallic-silver-colored or piano-black-colored resin materials produces products with high-gloss/jet-black appearance. Due to the absence of the painting process, the surface of the product is free from an "orange peel" look. Thus, the color achieved through this technique surpasses the levels achievable with conventional painting. Furthermore, the technique is environmentally friendly, reducing costs and VOC. This colored resin molding technique can also be used to create patterned products or be applied to two-layer molding, which enables us to propose novel decorations.

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Integrated system of production from planning/designing to mass production and shipment
Colored resin molding technique
Colored resin molding is a technique whereby resin materials are colored metallic silver or piano black and then molded. This technique allows us to produce sophisticated designs without the need for secondary processing (painting, etc.).
Product design
By combining our mechanism design technology and circuit design technology, we respond to product development needs from various fields. The development of market-leading products and technology that meet the needs of our customers is what makes us stand out in the realm of craftsmanship. While gathering and analyzing information regarding the latest technology and needs to identify the industry trend, we also focus our efforts on design and development by using our electronic circuit technology and computer simulation.
The use of 3D-CAD, resin flow analysis simulation, and many other CAE tools allows us to streamline and advance our development tasks.
Mold design/machining
Our original know-how is incorporated into the molds (for molded parts and metal parts) we develop. The quality of a product is determined primarily by the molds that are used to create each part. We are committed to improving the precision of molds and developing new technologies by using the know-how we have accumulated over the years.
We are determined to keep challenging ourselves to possess a one-of-a-kind technology that is cost competitive against our overseas competitors.
Facility design/machining
We put together our know-how (mechatronics technology) to develop superb part manufacturing facilities, assembly facilities, and inspection facilities (electricity, features, appearance) that help our customers reduce costs through quality assurance and automation and achieve manufacturing strength that excels that of overseas production.
We participate in process planning for both parts and assembly and reflect PFMEA in our facility design.
Molding/metalworking techniques
Molding techniques
Ultrathin molding
Molding of thermoplastic/two-color/different materials
Insert molding of thermoplastic materials
Compression/injection molding of thermosetting materials
Metalworking techniques
Processing of precision bent parts
Joining of metal parts made of different materials
Caulking of wire rod contacts
Welding of contacts
We build production lines (automated lines, cell manufacturing, mixed flow production) that are appropriate to the quantity of the products to be produced, ensuring quality through the concept of efficiency and self-contained processes.

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