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Latest update: 22/11/2021 13:22:56

SHINTO Industrial Co.,Ltd.

We are a solutions company that provides added value.

Our company offers special metal surface treatment, where a hard-to-peel-off alloy layer is formed with a diffusion osmosis method. The alloy layer protects the base metal material from various severe environments as it resists heat, carburization, wear, molten metal, corrosion, seizure, and hydrogen. It has been utilized in a variety of industries such as automobile, steel-making, chemical, power generation, incinerator, semiconductor, and others.

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Our Service
Metal Surface Modification Business
The service extends the life of the component, improves productivity, and reduces costs. By depositing or permeating gasified aluminum, chromium, vanadium, titanium, and other metals on the surface of the base material, depending on the purpose, we form an alloy layer with excellent adhesiveness that excels in resistance to high-temperature oxidation/corrosion/wear. The mechanical properties of the metal material hardly deteriorate.
Lance Pipe Business
The division manufactures and sells oxygen blowing pipes (lance pipes) for use at steel-making sites. By applying a unique diffuse osmosis treatment and ceramic coating to the pipe's surface, we achieved high durability five to seven times that of ordinary iron pipes. Since our founding, the products have been highly evaluated and used in Japan and overseas as industrial products for harsh, high-temperature environments.
Steelmaking Materials Business
Our company manufactures and sells antipiping compounds and electrode antioxidants indispensable for producing castings and iron products. Created from advanced technology, the excellent pressing effect of the heat insulating sleeves and sprinkling heat insulators, etc., makes it possible to remove less fragile castings without scratches, thereby helping to improve product quality and yield significantly.

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