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Latest update: 21/05/2021 11:23:35

Tsumiki Seisaku Co., Ltd.

Creating future ways of working with the power of cutting-edge technology.

We solve social issues and create the future by leveraging cutting-edge technologies, such as VR, BIM and 3D CG.

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Safety experience VR training
Occupational accident experience with virtual systems
The VR industry quickly introduced VR into safety education, with services being adopted by many customers.
It has features like the following.
1. Various “sales styles”
Customers can choose from the three options of subscription, outright purchasing and rental, depending on their circumstances. Please use the most item that most suits your budget, method of implementing training programs, and the duration of your trial period. Please check the details of the plan on the respective dedicated pages.
2. An “experience” full of realistic sensations
Since we began our VR business, we have been committed to producing high-quality experience with full 3D CG. As with physical work, flexibility in walking around and touching the tools and working with them is important. Making experiences that full of realistic sensations is made possible by utilizing the characteristics of 3D CG, which ensures very virtual and high-quality educational effects.
3. “Reliable expertise” brought about by the instruction of leading companies
All of our content is created after receiving professional instructions from leading companies. These companies that provide us with such instructions actually use our content for their in-house safety education programs, which proves the practicality of the expertise that can be utilized at sites. Created based on reliable information, the VR scenarios are persuasive and provide deeply inspiring experiences. 
4. Support for multiple languages, such as English and Chinese
Support for English, Chinese and other languages means that it can be utilized to train various types of human resources. It can be utilized for orientation at overseas branch offices and for training staff who work in regions where safety awareness is low.
5. Continuous “adding and updating” to the content lineup
Details and types of content will be updated. We provide defect correction, updating and new OS support services with content as needed, not only for subscribers but for customers using any of our services. We are expanding the scope our content provision to various business sectors, such as construction, railway, manufacturing, food and transportation.
3DSCAN point cloud measurement/VR development
We propose "effective use of point cloud data."
Using game engines such as “Unity” and “Unreal Engine,” we not only convert point cloud data into drawings but offer a one-stop shop for content creation such as layout simulations. We provide a wide range of services such as BIM data conversion, such as Revi and mesh conversion for use in 3D CG and VR creation.
The FARO Focus, the world’s best-in-class 3D laser scanner produced by FARO Technologies Inc., is part of our filming equipment. FARO is one of the 3D measurement manufacturers most commonly used in many sites worldwide, measuring spatial information and collecting point cloud data with high accuracy to build information used as a master in various scenes.



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