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Latest update: 01/11/2021 17:20:58

Minowa Machinery Co.,Ltd.

Parts manufactured by our company are used in many heavy machines, railroad equipment, and so on.

We are a manufacturer of construction machinery parts, industrial machinery and environmental equipment, and metal products for railroad power transmission lines.

We can respond quickly, flexibly, and accurately to orders with different lead times, materials, specifications, and other details.

We also handle intermediate treatment facilities for paving slab cutting sludge.

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Parts for construction and industrial machinery
Parts manufactured by our company are actively used in heavy machinery, railroad equipment, and various other situations.

We have a system to respond quickly, flexibly, and accurately to different orders (lead time, materials, specifications, etc.) for each product.

Frames for macadam rollers
Fuel tanks for road cutters
Buckets for wheel loaders
Crawler frames for crab cranes, etc.
Single products
We have a system to respond quickly, flexibly, and accurately to different orders (lead time, materials, specifications, etc.) for special crawler frames and other products made of steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.
Railroad-related products
We manufacture hardware for the cable departments of railroad companies, such as 25A to 300A steel pipes (steel pipes wrapped with anticorrosion tape, plated steel pipes, polyethylene steel pipes) and steel plate troughs.
Intermediate treatment of sludge from cutting pavement slabs
Paving slab cutting sludge treatment equipment was set up in Tokorozawa City using our own technology. We are focusing on efforts to create a better environment with equipment that can properly treat cutting sludge, which is being promoted by Saitama Prefecture, Kawagoe City, Tokorozawa City, Saitama City, and other cities.

Using a liquid separation device, the paving slab cutting sludge is separated into filtered water and solids. The filtered water and solids are reused as water for cooling cutters and raw materials for cement, respectively.

Because sludge can be recycled, this contributes to reducing environmental impact.
The amount of waste can be reduced, and transportation and processing costs can also be reduced.

This mobile paving slab cutting sludge intermediate treatment facility is a vehicle-mounted type, so it can be carried directly to a site and conduct treatment there. This is the only technology used in water treatment that was highly evaluated in a decontamination demonstration conducted by the Ministry of the Environment.

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