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Latest update: 30/07/2021 15:43:55

Software Engineering CO.,LTD.

We are a highly trusted company founded in 1971. With 50 years of experience, we bring high-quality contents to our customers.

Our long years of experience in creating product manuals, our commitment to understanding what our customers need, and information design that is understandable to readers have enabled us to deliver various contents to our customers. By utilizing our experience and expertise in creating instruction manuals and operating procedures for products and work instructions, we offer a wide range of services including creation of leaflets and marketing documents, building of a documentation system, creation of web pages, and support for introducing chatbots.

Have you ever asked multiple companies to work on a single project encompassing numerous fields and had trouble managing the progress of their work or found some inconsistencies in the contents of the finished product?
If you have, then we can help you. We are familiar with many fields and can handle small projects as well as take care of every detail of large projects. We can, for example, create manuals written in Japanese as well as in multiple other languages by referring to the specifications, create various websites as well as posters and direct mail for promotion, and operate and maintain websites (including updating them on a regular basis).

If you have any questions, just contact us. We welcome all inquiries.

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Creation of documents
We make manuals more readable and understandable. We always produce them from the user’s perspective.

We support customers in every step of creating manuals.

For revision of an existing manual, we propose how to reorganize the table of contents and make suggestions for improving or rewriting the document at the sentence level.
For creation of a new manual, we first propose "manual design". Our experienced technical writers then start working by planning and designing a manual and writing it by referring to the actual device and/or specifications, taking care to achieve uniformity in the terms and expressions used throughout the document. When there are customer-designated rules or guidance concerning the writing of manuals, we brush up sentences by following those rules and guidance.

We always keep in mind the intended users (general users, engineers, etc.) of the manual to make sure that the written contents are appropriate to the levels of understanding of the intended users.

When necessary, we also team up with our in-house translators to translate the manuals into multiple languages, including English, Japanese, European languages, and Asian languages. The created manuals are then verified by using the operating systems of the respective languages to confirm if each manual displays information and behaves in an expected manner. We also evaluate if each manual is properly linked with the related applications and systems.

Our greatest strengths are our ability to handle a series of tasks by collaborating with our in-house translators, our young staff who are quick to act and respond to changes, and the availability of various operating systems and browsers, including those used with a multi-language environment. Keeping the user’s perspective in mind, we continue to produce outstanding manuals.

We provide a one-stop solution for creating manuals, from planning/proposal to printing. Available services include:
Writing of copies, etc.
Photographs and illustrations
Design and layout

Specifically, we create the following types of manuals:
Instruction manuals
User manuals
Operating procedures
Reference manuals
Work instructions
Marketing documents, etc.
With an abundance of experience in IT-related fields, we provide high-quality translation services in a timely manner.

We were originally founded as a software house that specialized in software development and creation and translation of computer-related documents. Our group of experienced and skilled translators are capable of delivering high-quality translations based on expert knowledge. We translate not only documents but also the resources necessary for software localization.

Timely delivery
In addition to contract translators, we have in-house translators who are on duty at all times and are ready to immediately start working on large documents or respond to urgent orders.

Incorporation of various computer-aided translation software and tools
We have always been quick and eager to incorporate various computer-aided translation software programs that can help us streamline our work. In addition to the widely-used computer-aided software programs such as Trados and Wordfast, we can also use new or original tools designated by our customers without compromising speed. If you are interested in what we can offer you, just contact us!

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