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We are a metalworking manufacturer that excels at high-pressure fittings.

We are a metal processing manufacturer that manufactures and processes low-pressure, high-pressure, and hydraulic fittings, as well as metal fabrication using 3-die rolling.

Rolling saves material, reduces machining time, and achieves high precision and a beautiful finish while gaining strength.

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Cutting technology from bar and forging materials
We have seven NC lathes with bar feeders, and we excel at cutting from 3-meter bar material.

Materials are stocked daily from various manufacturers in the quantities needed, which reduces unnecessary costs.

Semi-processed products machined using our NC lathes with bar feeders are transferred to manual NC lathe processing, where they are processed to become finished products.

We also have four NC lathes with gantry loaders, and approximately 50% of our materials are processed from forged materials.

We use two types of forging materials: hot forging materials and cold forging materials.

They are mainly loaded on the worktable and machined on an NC lathe with a gantry loader.

Our second factory makes use of the technology we have accumulated over many years to operate a labor-saving plant that utilizes NC lathes with bar feeders and NC lathes with gantry loaders.
Machining technology with a 3-die rolling machine
Advantages of thread rolling (differences between rolling and cutting)

Rolling is not a cutting process, but a plastic forming process, which saves material.

Compared to cutting, machining time is extremely short, making it suitable for mass production.

The plastic forming process does not cut the metallurgical structure, and high strength can be obtained.

High product precision.

Beautiful finish and uniform dimensions.

We excel at thin-wall hollow parts
We can also produce thin-wall hollow parts, which are considered difficult to roll-form.

High-precision processing technology
With automatic centering, our technology can roll threads with uniform precision.

High efficiency
Setup can be completed in an extremely short time, so we can efficiently produce high-precision products.

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