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Latest update: 31/08/2021 13:21:52

kashiwagi industries co.,ltd.

We are a small factory that handles everything from can manufacturing, machining, coating, and assembly, even for items with no production drawings and high-precision can-manufacturing.

•High-precision can manufacturing/can manufacturing by machine
•Welded products/design
•Fabrication/installation/on-site repair
•Welding of stainless steel and aluminum other than iron
•Welding of magnesium

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We aim to focus on even the finest details.
Damper Production
We manufacture a wide range of high-precision original dampers, including those for common buildings and customized dampers for power plants and ships. Our dampers, born from our wealth of experience and superior technology, can be used for a wide variety of applications. 

Our precision electric dampers completely shut off and control airflow in air ducts, exhaust gas ducts, and dust collector ducts of various plants and facilities (steel mills, cement plants, petrochemical plants, power plants, paper mills, pollution control facilities, waste incineration plants, etc.) and are mainly used for air conditioning and industrial applications. The air conditioning dampers are used for the ventilation of various buildings and building air conditioning, while industrial dampers are widely used in thermal power generation, steel, petrochemical, and waste incineration plants.

Kashiwagi Industries has a proven track record of designing and manufacturing various types of electric dampers to meet a variety of requirements. We have accumulated technical capabilities, responded to standardization, and conducted thorough quality control to provide high-quality dampers. These dampers were developed as shut-off dampers and flow-control dampers.
Can Manufacturing and Welding
Based on the supplied drawings, we cut, drill, bend, and notch various materials and perform semi-automatic welding, TIG welding, and MIG welding to shape the cans accurately. It is also possible to leave everything from drawing to can manufacturing to us, based on your simple illustration of the finished product or what was discussed during a meeting. At Kashiwagi Industries, we aim for an accuracy of ±2mm, using the know-how gained from damper manufacturing, and we are committed to precision welding to minimize processing charges.
Plug Welding
“I inadvertently scratched the workpiece with a cutting tool or an end mill while machining.”
“I bore in a wrong place by mistake.”
“It cannot process as a single piece.” 
“Welding separate pieces would be faster than processing as one piece.” 
“The customer asked me to weld after machining.”
In such cases, Kashiwagi Industries’ repair welding will solve all your problems.
Don’t worry about mistakes!

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