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Latest update: 30/07/2021 15:43:52

Niikura Kogyo Co.,Ltd

Top brand of ship fittings, plant devices, and spray nozzles

Since our foundation in 1950 as a manufacturer that designs, manufactures, and sells ship fittings, we have been consistently committed to serving our customers in not only the shipbuilding industry but also various other industries such as the chemical, oil, and electronic industries. Our efforts are highly appreciated by many of our customers both in and outside Japan.

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Inline mixer "NIIKURA SHARDIS" for stirring and mixing
The mixing of fluids is a fundamental component of a manufacturing process. Our products not only offer high mixing performance regardless of whether the items being mixed are gasses, liquids, or high-viscosity substances, but are also easily serviceable. Our products are used for various purposes: mixing of Heavy Oil A and Heavy Oil B, kerosene and Heavy Oil C, or fuel, fuel additives, and lubricants (mixing of multiple types of fluids); pH control; manufacture of hyaluronan; mixing of low- and high-viscosity substances; mixing of asphalt; final mixing of konjac; manufacture of emulsions; homogenization; initiation of chemical reactions; mixing of high-viscosity substances (pushed in by pumps); heat-transfer equipment; mixing of gases; mixing of liquids; mixing of gasses and liquids; and gas exchange.
Wastewater treatment unit "NIIKURA AERATION SYSTEM"
The "NIIKURA AERATION SYSTEM" is an aeration device that removes unpleasant smells, prevents bulking, and ensures stabilization during treatment of wastewater generated from factories or other similar facilities.
Sludge volume reduction unit "NIIKURA DEMON SLAYER"
The costs of disposing of industrial waste have risen in recent years, and treatment of excess sludge discharged from factories is becoming a major issue for companies. Our "NIIKURA DEMON SLAYER" uses ozone that has strong oxidation power to reduce the volume of excess sludge by as much as 75% without discharging any waste ozone. Its combined use with the "NIIKURA AERATION SYSTEM" allows customers to achieve near-zero emissions.

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