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Latest update: 19/10/2022 16:03:04

Friend Microbe Inc.

With microbes and enzymes, we help achieve the SDGs.

We are a venture capital firm established by Nagoya University.

It was established to implement in society the research findings of Prof. Katsutoshi Hori of the Engineering Graduate School of Nagoya University, who has been conducting research and development to use microbes to reduce our environmental burden.

By taking full advantage of our advanced technology, we have been making attempts at businesses to reduce our environmental burden.

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Business overview
Treatment of oily wastewater
Katsutoshi Hori, a professor at the School of Engineering of Nagoya University and the CSO of our company, has used as his seeds his microbial preparations and wastewater treatment process, which boast unprecedented overwhelming oil decomposing capacity, and has thus developed a technology for replacing a pressure flotation process as a treatment process prior to the wastewater treatment at food and oil factories.

This wastewater treatment technology is based on microbial preparations and the microbial decomposition process that have completely overcome the disadvantages of conventional biological treatment.

This technology is applicable not only as the activated sludge process mentioned above but also as a treatment process prior to MBR (a kind of membrane-based activated sludge process) and anaerobic treatment.

Hopes run high for this technology not only as a process replacing the existing pressure flotation process but also as a complimentary technology.
Research on a contract basis
We engage in research on a contract basis commissioned by private businesses and other entities in which we conduct three-party joint research efficiently with the Laboratory on Molecular Life Environmental Processes (Hori Laboratory), majoring in Life Molecular Engineering, School of Engineering, Nagoya University.

Our research consists roughly of two patterns:

(1) studies to settle current issues by means of microbes, and
(2) studies to use microbes in doing new business to create new value,

where we have been working day by day to meet demand from private businesses.
Hygiene equipment business
UV-assisted virus inactivator, Kill Will Z Max

(1) Irradiates 253.7 nm UV rays to inactivate viruses.
(2) Inactivates and eliminates viruses in 9.7-square meter spaces: A level comparable to that of HEPA filters recommended by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.
(3) Has achieved the above performance with the technical cooperation of Prof. Hori of Nagoya University. Patents pending.
(4) High in performance and no need for maintenance other than replacing the lamp.
(5) A lamp life of 8,000 hours. Easy to replace.
(6) Generates no ozone: No need for removing ozone.
(7) Uses a cross-flow fan that is silent and sucks air well.

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