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Latest update: 31/08/2021 13:21:58

SyncMOF Co., Ltd

Porous material MOF for all industries that handle gas

We are a comprehensive consultation company for novel porous materials (MOF/PCP). Our highly knowledgeable personnel make use of our world-class facilities to break through difficult problems and propose optimal solutions in the selection and performance evaluation of MOFs suitable for our customers' needs and in the development of synthesis methods for mass synthesizing of MOFs.

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Comprehensive MOF consultation
We select MOFs that are optimal for the needs of our customers from among more than 80,000 types of MOFs/PCPs. 

[Assessment of performance] 
We assess the performance of more than 80,000 types of MOFs/PCPs. Samples we have evaluated are accompanied by a written physical properties evaluation report issued by our company and Nagoya University. 

[Product development] 
We propose optimal solutions for the mass synthesis of MOFs,  from the development of synthesis methods to the flow of synthesis.
Partners for the gas age: MOFanalyzer, MOFsensor, and MOFclean
The world's first cryo built-in adsorption system. You can evaluate characteristics including gas adsorption and gas adsorption rate under an environment at a temperature of 4 to 473K and pressure of 1MPa. In addition, integrating AI optimizes the time required for measurement. 

This is a gas sensor using MOFs. This is a joint venture with a major company, so the information we can disclose you may be limited. 

A MOF activator. Pretreatment can be done just by placing the cell, and it can be sealed so it does not contact outside air. It can be used to activate multiple MOFs using conditions suitable for each MOF. Activating more than 80,000 types of MOFs under optimal conditions can bring out the original functions of MOFs. It is also easy to operate.
Other materials and products
A new generation of porous material for efficient dehumidification of tiny amounts of water in air. It enables extremely quick dehumidification at a specific humidity that used to make dehumidification difficult with conventional dehumidifying agents. We can form DehumOF like a separation membrane, allowing water to be transferred through the membrane for the development of batch-type dehumidifiers. 

A new generation of porous material for discriminating target molecules in a mixture and removing them. 

This is a new-generation porous material that can store an order of magnitude more gas by condensing and making compact a large amount of gas in MOF/PCP nano-spaces. 

[Visual Conc] 
This is a system to visualize gas emission that shows the source of unpleasant odors at a glance, and when difficult-to-process gas is generated.

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