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Latest update: 25/06/2021 18:17:44

Horitec Co.,Ltd.

Horitec Co., Ltd. is the company for mold washing machines 

We sell mold washing machines, and also industrial washing machines and tabletop washing machines. We also sell chemicals related to these washing machines. 
We develop, produce, and sell washing machines that suit your objectives or made-to-order machines that suit your budget, desired size, and other requirements. 

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Introduction of our products
Tool Washer TW600M ultrasonic mold washing machine
Cleaning all types of mold stains at low cost, regardless of mold size
After a washing time of just 10 to 15 minutes, the mold returns to a clean pre-casting condition!
TW600M can be used to remove all types of mold stains such as gas stains on molds for all types of plastics including PE, PP, and ABS, and to get rid of resin films such as POM.  
It is easy-to-use and user-friendly. Furthermore, we can customize TW600M to enable it to clean large molds such as aluminum die cast metallic molds!

Excellent cost performance
The main part is reasonably priced to reduce initial costs. In addition, its entire body is made of highly durable stainless steel. We provide washing solutions at prices that reduce running costs.

For all types of mold stains
TW600M can be used to remove various types of mold stains such as gas stains, greasy stains, grease, and mold deposits caused by the accumulation of various materials.
We can customize the size.
The washing tank is designed to be separated from the operating/power supply part, so we can produce the washing tank, which is tailored to the size of the mold, according to your request.

Tool Washer MCB-30 piping washing machine for molds
Easy operation and cleaning for removing dirt in pipes and for  reducing molding defects
MCB-30 quickly removes dirt such as rust in water pipes connected to a mold! 
It can be simply operated. You can perform cleaning without special skills.
Always maintaining the inside of water pipes in a clean condition can drastically reduce molding defects!

Simultaneously removing dirt in pipes connected to a mold
Conventionally, it was difficult to completely remove dirt in pipes. MCB-30 smoothly removes this dirt, reducing the molding defect rate!

Simple operation, simple cleaning
The operation panel and all connection hoses are installed at the front and upper portion of the machine.

We can produce original washing machines
We can also produce custom-made pipe cleaners according to your needs and use conditions.
Alkaline washing solution: EL-1 (18 L/can)
For cleaning various types of molds and metals (El-1 is not suitable for cleaning aluminum, sintered hard alloys, copper alloys, etc.)
This is a washing solution for our TW600M ultrasonic mold washing machine. It can also be used without any problems for ultrasonic washing machines or electrolysis washing machines manufactured by other companies. Gas stains, pigments, and rust formed at an initial stage of corrosion can be removed from molds. It has excellent detergency, but at the same time it is reasonably priced. *This washing solution is not classified as a deleterious or poisonous substance.

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