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Latest update: 25/06/2021 18:27:03

Meigiken Co.,Ltd.

Please leave it to us for sheet metal part production!

We started business 63 years ago as a supplier of the Nagoya Plant of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation. We have consistently nurtured sheet metal production technologies ever since, and used them to produce various sheet metal products. We are confident in assisting your company with various types of sheet metal products under various production conditions. This includes short delivery periods, single-item requests, high-mix low-volume production, and prototypes.

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Sales Pitch

In producing industrial products and various other types of products, we promise to make every effort to apply our flexibility and processing capabilities to complete the desired parts.
We'll introduce the basic flow from your inquiry about the production of a prod to our company, to the delivery of the prod. Please note that in some cases we can't satisfy your expectations or the basic flow differs depending on your requests or prods.
Step 01: Inquiry
Use the specified form to make an inquiry to us.
Let us know the necessary information related to the inquiry.
Step 02: Meeting and quotation
We will have a meeting with you for the production of the desired part. Based on your requests made at the meeting, and on image sketches, design drawings, specifications, and so on, we will submit a quotation containing information such as processing methods and a delivery date.
Step 03: Creating drawings and programs
Based on the conditions confirmed at the meeting and on design drawings, specifications, and other documents provided for us, we will create product drawings and other necessary documents using CAD and create programs for processing machines. If your company has CAD drawings, we will confirm compatibility and use them after receiving approval from your company.
Step 04: Material procurement
We will confirm whether your company can provide us with necessary materials. Depending on your requests, we will procure materials required for the production.
Step 05: Producing the part
Considering the material type and the product characteristics, we will perform a series of processes including sheet metal machine processing and hand work such as welding.
Step 06: Quality management
For quality management, we will perform inspection processes that match the characteristics of the product such as size measurement, weld quality confirmation testing, tensile strength testing, driver checking, and surface finish checking to deliver a product that meets your requirements. 
Step 06: Product delivery
We will deliver or ship the product to the specified location at the specified date and time.
Our track record of processing products (data may differ depending on processing conditions)
Our production lots vary from one lot of a prototype to many lots of products to be mass-produced.
Production lots: 1 to approx. 500 lots
Multiproduct production: Approx. 1,500 types/month
Materials we have processed: Steel (SPCC/SPHC/SS400)
Stainless steel (SUS304/SUS430)
Aluminum (A1050/A5052)
Thicknesses of plates we have processed: 
Blank press (0.8 to 6.0 mm)
Brake press (0.8 to 6.0 mm)
Various types of surface treatment (including surface treatment performed through outsourcing): Various types of plating, buffing, and leather attachment
Business lineup/production items of our company
Sheet metal parts for automobiles (thin sheet metal parts)
Parts for frames as well as outer plates for large buses, parts for decorating buses, and special erection components of buses
Carriage trucks, specially ordered shelves, and chassis
Resin bonded parts for which a drying furnace is used
Welded components made of stainless steel or aluminum and assembly parts (other than welded components) that use rivets or the like
Work requested by local municipalities such as repairing and producing trash collection boxes, agricultural water gates, and warning signs of irrigation canals

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