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 [Business description and our strengths]
- Designing and producing control panels
- Proposing energy-saving technologies
- Producing and selling our own brand product "vegetable cultivation equipment using 100% artificial light"

[Strengths of our company]
1. Technologies for producing high-value-added products
2. Rich track record of production 
3. Quality assurance

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Sales Pitch

POINT 1: Technologies for producing high-value-added products
 In FY 2013, we introduced standardization technologies such as SOP(Standard Operating Procedures), obtaining a factory certification from Hitachi.  A combination of the standardization technologies and production technology capabilities based on in-house certification systems allows us to achieve the production of high-quality products.
- We assign dedicated staff to processes from design to product delivery. Thanks to the dedicated staff with high response capabilities, we reduce lead time for designing and producing products, ranging from those produced in small lots to mass-produced products, and improve cost performance.
- Since our establishment, we have accumulated design and development capabilities through business with a lot of customers. By utilizing our sophisticated design and development capabilities, we provide customized products that can meet diversified needs. 
POINT 2: Rich track record of production 
- Our strengths lie in technologies accumulated through the track record of producing products for various industries and in problem resolution capabilities based on the accumulated technologies. We provide more sophisticated technical support including proposing VA (value analysis) and providing measures against noise.
- Introducing product examples
-Control panels for wind-power generation systems 
-Power switchboards 
-Control panels for power interrupting devices
-Control panels for apparatus for evaluating fuel cells 
-Control panels for calorie evaluating equipment for air-conditioners 
-Control panels for vegetable cultivation equipment 
-Control panels for glass house environments 
-Control panels for illumination or CO2
-Control panels for semiconductor crystal manufacturing apparatus 
-Control panels for compound semiconductor crystal manufacturing apparatus 
-Gas monitoring panels for chemical plants
-Control panels for asphalt material-mixing plants 
-Control panels for large-sized transportation cranes 
-Control panels for small- or middle-sized hoist cranes 
-Control panels for membrane filtration apparatus 
-Control panels for pure water making equipment 
-Control panels for infrared component analysis equipment
POINT 3: Quality assurance
- Power boards and control panels for operating various equipment or manufacturing equipment are required to have absolute safety and reliability. We have established a quality management system based on ISO9001:2015, constructing a reliable framework.





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