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Latest update: 12/07/2021 16:28:18

MHTjapan Co .,Ltd,

Our strength is in our technology, and also our speed

We handle integrated prototype processing, mass production, and high-mix low-volume production. We have strength in QCD (quality, cost, and delivery), and swift responses. 
We solve problems by making use of more than 30 pieces of equipment including a 5-axis machining center and technology nurtured through part production for various fields.


Sales Pitch

Metal cutting work
Prototype processing
We have collaborated on trial production of products to be mass-produced with leading manufacturers since our foundation. We can make use of this experience and our track record to perform prototype processing and make proposals for production processes that take mass production into account. 
Basically, we provide Monozukuri craftsmanship of products according to specifications. However, if your company has special requests and your designer informs us of details such as areas requiring tolerance and the degree of the tolerance, we will propose the best processing method.  
Mass production processing
In mass production processing, we mainly manufacture parts for reducers.
Our Headquarters Factory serves as a mass‐production plant and mainly processes round materials.
We have a wealth of experience in producing important safety-related parts, and maintaining high quality standards for these parts.
Furthermore, we constantly improve production costs, so we are able to propose cost reductions that will result from ingenuity in processing methods or processes, depending on the case. 
Please feel free to contact us if you have concerns about mass production.
High-mix low-volume processing
Our No. 2 Factory has a team specializing in high-mix low-volume production, and each piece of equipment is operated by dedicated, skilled workers. 
We make use of various equipment including a 5-axis machining center and wire EDM production to perform cutting work for a variety of fields.
We possess technology and experience that have been accumulated through processing various parts including articles related to machine tools, semiconductors, and various industrial machines.