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Latest update: 24/05/2021 09:47:51

Futaba Chemical Co., Ltd.

As we near the 100th anniversary of our foundation, our motto as a sales and trading company is “be humble, sincere and careful.”
Please feel free to inquire us about anything, even minor issues. We provide full support to solve your problems.

We are a general trading company that provides our customers with not only products but added value by leveraging the experience that we have built over the 73 years since our foundation and the relationships of mutual trust that we enjoy with several hundred large and small suppliers.

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Sales Pitch

We have a wide range of products in areas such as the chemicals business and electronic materials business, as well as food-related products, pet-related products, and even ECO-related products, which we sell to domestic and overseas customers.
Chemicals business
We handle various adsorbent, such as activated carbon, diatom earth and activated white earth, which are our main businesses.
It is an essential product used indirectly in daily life and utensils, primarily in applications such as deodorization, decolorization and purification.
Lithium-ion battery and electronic materials business
In the business areas of Lithium-ion batteries and electronic materials for electric vehicles and 5G optical equipment, which are expected to grow further, we provide our domestic and overseas customers with various products, such as films for polarizing plates, various types of protection films, dyes, adhesives, grinding media, dispersive agents, adhesive compounds, and masking tapes.
Food/health foods, pets, and ECO-related products
[Food, healthy food]
We mainly handle food additives such as cellulose, sweetener, aroma chemicals and filtration aids. Our filtering machines that are used to refine edible oil have earned high praise from customers in major super market and restaurant chains.

[Pet-related products]
We mainly handle highly absorbent resins, dried okara, and binders.

[ECO products]
As environmental awareness increases, we offer fully biodegradable plastic bags and straws.

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