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From Fingertip-sized Electronic Sensors to Infrastructure Materials Supporting Your Feet

Our company is diversified in different industries, consisting of four business divisions—Fine Ceramics Division, Aluminum Division (aluminum construction materials and exteriors), Infrastructure Engineering Division (secondary concrete products and landscape stone materials), and P&D Division (electronic devices and industrial machinery). Our mission is to continue contributing to society by providing products and services that are always more advanced. We will provide unparalleled value by combining what we can do because of our diversification in different industries.

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Our Business
Fine Ceramics Division
Fine Ceramics (also known as "advanced ceramics") are used in a wide range of fields, from the electronics and semiconductor fields to industrial machinery and environmental equipment, as new materials to replace industrial materials such as metals, resins, and glass materials. We have an integrated production system from raw material preparation to molding, sintering, processing, and inspection. We meet customers' needs with original products that realize characteristics and functions that match the intended use.
Infrastructure Engineering Division
This division manufactures secondary concrete products for civil engineering and construction (gutters, retaining walls, retaining walls with guardrail foundations, box culverts, maintenance holes for rainwater and sewage drainage, and overhanging walkways). Their secondary concrete products are stronger and more durable than regular concrete and have been proven to have a significant service life. In addition, they focus on making manufacturing practices friendlier to living creatures and humans by adopting less carbon-emitting methods.
P&D Division
P&D means Programmable & Development (program development and evolution through it). They design and develop various types of detection sensors, mainly the long-selling rain sensor. The division also designs and manufactures labor-saving equipment and production facilities. By making full use of sensor and control technologies and incorporating theories obtained in cooperation with research institutions, they design, develop, and manufacture devices for predicting pests and diseases of crops and monitoring and warning devices for natural disasters.
Aluminum Division
Our self-developed V-Process casting method enables integrated production covering the design and development of cast aluminum exteriors (e.g., gates, fences, exterior wall panels, railings), wood molding, casting, and machining processes. The V-process is an aluminum casting method that uses decompression to form the sand used to make the mold. Compared to the conventional sand mold casting method, this method generates less industrial waste and achieves low pollution and resource and energy conservation. It can be applied to a wide range of products, from small to large, and can be used for complex shapes and thin-walled, lightweight products.