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Latest update: 30/09/2021 18:41:51

DAIICHI Electric Co.,Ltd.

Metal professionals for half a century

We are a company that provides brazing, copper processing, and crane brake repairs Osaka City. We can manufacture any parts you need if you have any old products that you are having trouble manufacturing, such as for such as shipbuilding or railroads (contacts, etc.). We also have extensive experience in repairing crane brakes, including DC electromagnetic brakes and lifter brakes.

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Infinitely expanded possibilities with burner brazing
There are two main types of brazing processes: burner brazing and high-frequency brazing.
Burner brazing is a process done with a gas burner held in the hand. It requires a very high level of technical skill, as the quality of the product is determined by the fine manual work and the level of heat. With the right skills, burner brazing offers a high degree of flexibility in production and unlimited possibilities.
Many of the products evaluated as being articles only our company can make are made with burner brazing. Our burner brazing may be able to realize your request for what you want to have. Please contact us even about processing that has been rejected by other companies.
Of course, we also process metal using high-frequency brazing. We will propose an optimal method according to your needs.
Excellent brazing starts with an excellent choice of materials
There are many kinds of silver solder used for brazing. Selecting an optimal silver solder according to the performance, durability, and cost required for the product is important for excellent production.
As metal professionals, our company is also particular about the choice of materials. If cost is not a consideration, we can make any number of excellent products, but that cannot be called something that gives shape to the customer's needs. We are particular about selecting optimal materials. We always make realistic proposals and put the customer's needs first.

An excellent choice of materials comes from a wide range of options

A wide range of options is necessary to select optimal materials.
In the case of agents, there are restrictions on the range of products they handle, which may narrow the range of options for material selection.
Our company handles all kinds of products regardless of the product classification, so we can propose and provide the most suitable materials for your needs.
Copper processing
We can do anything related to copper processing
When customers inquire or consult with us about copper processing, they often ask us what we can do, and we always answer that we can do anything related to copper processing. However, "we can do anything" may seem like a cursory answer.
Because the steps of copper processing are diverse, in many cases the work is divided among several factories before until a product is finished. On the other hand, our company can handle all the steps of copper processing. We believe that our ability to provide one-stop processing is an important service for our customers. That is why we say we can do anything related to copper processing.
If you give us a request for what you want to make, our company will make a proposal for you to make it a reality, and then process and manufacture it.
Leave it to us for both round bars and flat plates
Copper materials are supplied in the form of round bars or flat plates. The shape of the material is selected according to the product, as each shape is suitable for a different product. The shape of a round bar and a flat plate are very different, so it is almost always necessary to find and place an order with a factory that performs the relevant processing.
Our company excels at copper processing, and we handle both round bar and flat plate materials. We can process and sell both types, so please contact us if you have any questions about copper processing.
Many metal materials, and not just copper, are expensive. We deal directly with metal manufacturers, so we can sell you just the quantity you need. Even if the material is expensive, we can deliver an optimal product with no waste.
Manufacturing unexpected products that are not bound by conventional ideas
Recently we have been receiving many offers to manufacture products from completely different industries besides our old business partners. One conspicuous example was decorative plating with copper for use in an event. We believe that it is one of the social roles of our company, with our technology and know-how, to take on the role of Monozukuri craftsmanship based on ideas that have never existed before. We believe that we will continue to introduce unexpected products to the world.
We hope to actively engage in Monozukuri craftsmanship with flexible ideas without being bound by the conventional concepts of what is known as copper processing, and we are open to a wide range of consultations about what you want to make.
Brake repairs
Proposals for crane brake repairs with a little bit more
Our company specializes in brake repairs to ensure worry-free operation of cranes. We can repair electromagnetic brakes and oil lifter brakes, regardless of whether they are DC or AC. We repair brakes that have become old and no longer function properly, and deliver them to you with even the external appearance looking like new.
In addition, we can offer more than just brake repairs, and provide brake repairs with something extra. We have a wealth of know-how on how to improve the brakes on cranes used in harsh environments so that they are less likely to fail and last longer. We can make a wide range of proposals to meet customer needs, including strengthening joints to prevent shortening of the brake replacement period, and improving lifter brakes to reduce oil leakage to the utmost limit.
Brakes are extremely important components, as any abnormality could cause a severe accident. The proper operation of brakes is also essential for companies. Please leave brake repairs up to us.
We can manufacturing a brake if it is difficult to procure it
Our company does more than just reworking broken parts to restore them to their original state. We also consider the environment in which the brakes will be used. Our target is how close we can get to a new article. We target repairs that make every part shine like new again.
Another important job in demand from our company is to create brakes that are difficult to obtain. If it is difficult to obtain a brake due to discontinued production or the like, the various procedures required to order it can be complicated. We can make use of our extensive technology and know-how to "repair" a difficult-to-find product from scratch and quickly provide it to you as a new part.
Picking up, delivering, and installing repair parts
Leave it to our specialist staff to pick up, deliver, and install brake parts. Many of our customers worry about handling parts, and what to do if they touch them carelessly and end up breaking them. Our company provides a delivery service to resolve these worries.
We can remove and pick up brake parts anywhere in Japan, and deliver and install the completed repairs. Please feel free to consult us.
Metal material sales
We are a sales agent for various manufacturers
We are a sales agent for various manufacturers. We handle a wide variety of metal materials as well as copper and silver materials.
Sales by the cut
We cut and sell products according to the length and quantity you require. For some materials, wastage in the quantity purchased can lead to a significant cost increase, so we sell only what you need.

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