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We are professionals in the use of old trees

We are developing our business in shop design, design, and construction using old wood, and we relocate and restore old houses. Using our own factory and warehouse as a base, we manage, store, saw, and process old wood in-house. This integrated system enables flexible and speedy construction.

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Introducing our business
Traceability system for old lumber
We do more than just accept old lumber from demolition sites for storage. We carefully check the quality of each and every piece, attach labels, and record the thickness, length, tree type, and shape, as well as its history and origin. This traceability system for old lumber makes it possible to understand and manage even which old house and which part of the house wood materials were used in. It is the first of its kind in Japan, and is a result of our company's unique ideas. With this system, you can select old lumber that has a story more suitable for your store's theme and preferences. For example, in the past, we have used old lumber that used to be a pillar of Hideyo Noguchi's son's house to build a store in a place with a special connection to him.
Flexible and speedy furniture production
We have our own factory and warehouse, so we can closely coordinate a store construction site with the factory and warehouse that handle the lumber.
There are many processes involved in building a store, so something may not go according to the original plan. In a case like this, having both a factory and warehouse makes it easier to respond to sudden design changes and requests.
For example, if you are in trouble because you are short of one table, you can place an order in the morning and have it delivered in the evening, depending on the nature of the item. We can also handle cases in which irregular production processes are required due to preferences about the design, or subtle size changes after the installation of built-in furniture.
Cost saving
Our company has a system using a factory and warehouse as our base, and we are able to manage, store, saw, and process old lumber in-house. This eliminates the margins that would be required if we outsourced the work to others. In addition, we have a wide range of our own inventory to utilize, so we can realize the owner's vision for a store with high quality even with a limited budget.

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