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Latest update: 08/12/2022 14:04:31

Sankemi Co., Ltd.

For coloring resins, please use Sankemi Batch! It correctly colors resins in a short period. We accept small orders as well.

We are a manufacturer that produces and sells Master Batch as well as Dry Colors and that colors resins. 
We color resins, ranging from general-purpose resins to super engineering plastic resins, with colors requested by clients. 
We accept orders for Dry Colors, Master Batch, coloring processing, and trial kneading.  
The pigments used by us are those registered in the Positive List (PL) issued by the High Polymer Test & Evaluation Center of the Japan Chemical Innovation and Inspection Institute (JCII).
Furthermore, since we do not use hazardous substances specified in the Regulation concerning Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) or the RoHS Directive, users can use our products with a sense of security. 

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Master Batch
Master Batch is a pellet type coloring agent containing high-density dyes or pigments. 
The resins that are kneaded with Master Batch are the same as natural resins used by users. 
A natural resin is kneaded with Master Batch the content of which is 1 to 5% of the resin. As a result, a molded article with the desired color can be produced. 
Main resins to be used: PE, PP, PS, ABS, PA, PBT, PU, POM, PES, PPSU, PPS, and PEEK
Coloring resins with Master Batch achieves the following effects:
- Reducing costs of coloring materials.
- Enabling easy color changes because Master Batch does not get resins dirty.
- Requiring less space for storage. 
- Allowing your company to reduce your stock of resins.
Dry Colors
Dry Colors are used for coloring plastic materials; therefore, their purpose is the same as that of Master Batch. 
Dry Colors are powdered products and composed of inorganic pigments, organic pigments, dyes, and dispersing agents. 
The features of coloring with Dry Colors are as follows:
- Since powder is blended with a natural resin, the resin gets dirty. 
- Small-lot production and delivery in a short period are possible.
- The coloring cost is the lowest.
Compounds for medical purposes
Zoe Polymer is the name of the kneaded product produced by Sankemi Co, Ltd. and is composed of resins as well as contrast agents. Contrast agents, coloring agents, and additives are evenly kneaded with various resins requested by clients to produce pellets that will be supplied to the clients.
We delightedly accept orders for trial production and small-lot production.