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Latest update: 30/09/2021 18:41:45

AI TECH Co.,Ltd.

From planning to design and production, we're a small company, but we're doing big things!

We are a group of people who have experienced development in major companies, and we all aim to become a small giant by making use of our experience and achievements. From planning design to design, we use the most advanced designs and design tools to provide our clients with a specific and reliable presentation of what we will produce.
The current social situation may make it difficult for us to meet with clients in person, but we use various Web communication tools to ensure smooth business operations.

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Planning design as well as design and production that transcend genres
Special vehicle
Our company mainly manufacture vehicles for government agencies such as the police, defense, and fire departments, as well as for television stations. We produce non-mass-produced vehicles, which means only one to a few units are made. This type of vehicle requires planning and design on each occasion, which takes an enormous about of time. However, it is difficult to reflect such development costs in the price of a single product. For this reason, there is a tendency in the industry to avoid this kind of work. However, we have succeeded in reducing our workforce and costs to cope with this risk. We have manufactured many vehicles (several hundred) to date. The special vehicles we manufacture are now being used in a variety of situations.
Tool and devices
Our company undertakes everything from planning and design to production of jigs and devices that are required in various situations such as prototyping, experiments, product evaluation, and reliability tests. One feature of our company is that, in addition to mechanical design, our in-house engineers can handle electrical control design and production, control using microcomputers, and judgment and control using image recognition (AI). We believe that we can be of great help to you if you contact us.
Other industries in general
We do not limit ourselves to the genres mentioned here when we offer planning, design, and manufacturing services.
We also undertake various parameter measurements, performance evaluation tests, reliability tests, and so on from various companies for product development.



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