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The manufacture of steel fittings such as large doors and special doors and the construction business

We are a pioneer in large doors and special doors, doors used in hangars for large aircraft, and doors used for other special purposes.

All of our products are made-to-order. No two are the same. Our larger products have a width greater than 100 m; however, even changing the size of similar doors by as little as 2 m would require the material used in the skeleton to be changed. Therefore, we create doors by hand to deliver each client. We strive to deliver what meets our customers' requirements every time.
Thankfully, recently, overseas orders and orders for big projects have increased for products such as the Folio Updoor, which is our own original product, and which was installed in Narita Airport departure terminal during its recent renewal work.

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From retractable doors for large aircraft to delicate doors with particular attention to design.
Large door
We manufacture large doors for all purposes, such as those used in large-scale factories/warehouses and aircraft hangars, on a bespoke basis based on our full made-to-order production. As our products are fully made-to-order, we can meet any customer requirements in areas such as manual/electric opening and different opening methods.
Folio Updoor (special middle folding door)
We offer doors with separate central mechanisms that open and close securely. They open like eaves so we can create terrace-like spaces outside buildings. These doors also have wide openings.
Aqua scudo (waterproof door series)
We offer waterproof doors with various functions, such as horizontal pulling waterproof doors, and embedded, undulating, and portable-type doors. We also offer proposals for the most suitable type of door according to the customer's application from our range of doors with manual, electric, and hydraulic systems, which includes new doors as well as products that are attached to the outside of existing doors, doors that are usually used in pairs as gates, and doors that offer emergency waterproof functions.
Soundproof/explosion-proof door
If a door is damaged by the wind pressure or a tornado, the damage to the building can be enormous. We offer proposals for special doors that can be used under any conditions, such as our 20-t class doors with water pressure resistance.
Incineration pit door
We have a proven track record in the nationwide delivery to incinerators, and we are able to respond to requests for doors with various types of input, such as electric and hydraulic, as well as different opening types.

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