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Latest update: 30/09/2021 18:41:57


Leave it to us to design and manufacture dies!

We have been producing dies for engine related parts since our establishment, and have built a solid position mainly in cylinder head dies. LPDC, GDC, and DC molds for automobiles and motorcycles have been our main products, and we have produced many high-performance products that have been highly evaluated and trusted by users.

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Sales Pitch

Introducing major products, major facilities, etc.
Major products
LPDC dies, GDC dies, DC dies, shell core dies

LPDC/GDC products 
Cylinder heads, frames, intake manifolds 

DC products 
Pistons, valve bodies, case covers
Main equipment
Our company has established a collaborative system (optimized machining process) that fuses state-of-the-art technology with the skills of expert engineers. This is done by making full use of general-purpose equipment operated by skilled technicians, with a core group of state-of-the-art automated equipment such as high-speed machining centers operated by elite staff to shorten production lead times and improve productivity.
*Examples of major equipment
Vertical high-speed machining center 
Vertical high-speed deep cutting machining center 
Vertical machining center 
Horizontal machining center 
Vertical profile machining center 
Underwater wire EDM machine 
High-speed graphite processing machine 
NC EDM machine, CNC composite lathing machine
Message from the CEO (efforts to develop sales channels in the future, how we will use J-GoodTech, etc.)
Our company is capable of integrated mold production from design to manufacturing. We led the industry in introducing NC machining equipment, which was a technological revolution in mold making. Ever since then, we have been constantly introducing the most advanced equipment such as high-speed graphite processing machines, high-speed machining centers, DNC, and 3D CAD/CAM to shorten lead times and increase precision. We use our high-tech equipment to consolidate and digitize the technology, experience, and know-how we have cultivated over the years. Even in the IT age, we are moving forward as a die and mold company that is always one step ahead, contributing to the industrial world with our unlimited dreams for die and mold manufacturing.

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