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We are a materials manufacturer that supports high technology

We are a manufacturer of high-purity chemicals used in manufacturing semiconductors, solar cells, and optical fibers. We handle high-purity boron, semiconductor CVD processing materials, ion implantation materials, optical fiber materials, and so on. Our sales are expanding in Japan, and also in Asia, North America, Europe, and other parts of the world. We also focus on R&D of chemicals to be used in the next generation.

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Product information
Low carbon boron
We have developed a high-purity boron with a carbon content of 100 ppm or lower. 
It can be used for boron alloys where low carbon content is required.
Semiconductor materials
We provide various materials used in the semiconductor manufacturing process
Silicon dope materials 
Ion injection materials 
CVD, diffusion materials 
Other (vapor deposition materials, MBE materials)
Optical fibers
We provide GeCl4 (germanium tetrachloride) and SiCl4 (silicon tetrachloride), as well as other high-quality chemicals including POCl3 (phosphorus oxychloride), BBr3 (boron tribromide), and H3PO4 (high-purity phosphoric acid), which are essential for manufacturing optical fibers.
Contract-based synthesis and purification
Synthesis, and distillation purification
We take orders for synthesis and distillation purification from the experimental level to mass production scale. 
Our company's overseas network enables us to make proposals from the search for raw materials. 
We also take orders for the purification of materials provided by the customer.
1 to 20L flasks
From one batch
Atmospheric/vacuum purification 
Various types of filling materials (Sulzer packings, Raschig rings) 
Small volumes and spot projects are also available

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