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Latest update: 21/04/2021 13:32:15

Peer Connect Co., Ltd.

The products that we handle are centered on cloud products.

By installing a cloud PBX or VPN equipment, you can use internal resources even at home


Sales Pitch

Parallels RAS (VPN device for teleworking)
It is a server for VPN and VDI.
The screens of in-house PCs are simply redirected, enabling those who are telecommuting or on business trips to access the same resources as those accessible in-house.
FlexPhonePlus (Cloud PBX)
It is an IP phone (a telephone that uses an internet line).
We mainly create software for call centers, and also create products with a track record of installation at banks and securities companies,
and the security is also complete.

Main advantages
By simply installing an app on their smartphone, users can make and receive calls without requiring a number.
*The number you are using can be used continuously.
English translations and interpretations are recorded automatically
Because you only need to install an app on your smartphone, you can effectively use the smartphone you own
It is not mandatory to have a telephone or company mobile contract, saving on initial costs and running costs
Even when moving office, telephone wiring is not required; therefore, moving costs are reduced considerably.
By linking with Kintone, customer information and call records can be managed together as one

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