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Latest update: 21/09/2022 15:41:52

ide kakouki Co.,Ltd.

We are a group of professional welders who pride ourselves on our excellent skills.
We can take care of all your welding needs!

We particularly excel in welding of stainless steel pipes. We mainly provide tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding services. We utilize our original welding data to achieve high-quality finishing, which our customers greatly appreciate. We handle any inch size, thickness, etc.

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Stainless steel welding
Prefabricated pipe welding
We specialize in pipe welding. We take extreme care in the selection of welding methods and conditions and keep an electronic record of them so that we can respond to orders for any inch size, thickness, and various other types and conditions. We also pay close attention to the aesthetic appearance of products. From pre-welding preparation to finishing operation, we take care to ensure neatness of the work done. We deliver products that excel in both quality and appearance to our customers.
Manufacture of plate work products
We can respond to various orders, including the manufacture of the entire unit or just tanks, screw shafts, and stepped footholds/corridors around a device. Our plate work products are fabricated with excellent precision to ensure that they work correctly after they are delivered to our customers. We can also manufacture structures that have more complex shapes. Every detail, including the invisible parts of the product, is fabricated with precision to deliver high-quality plate work products to our customers.
Back bead welding
We keep and manage electronic records of optimum conditions for back bead welding. These conditions have been tested and verified by the hard work of our dedicated craftsmen. The aesthetic appearance of back beads depends on how well root faces and root gaps are managed as well as on the balance of various factors that affect a weld pool. What matters the most is the ability to fully utilize the available data. Accurate data and reliable skills are both essential for producing high-quality back beads.