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We help customers with the actual incorporation of AI into the field of mobility healthcare.

By using the world's most advanced XAI/QAAI technology developed by the University of Tokyo and Inria, we help customers incorporate AI into mission-critical fields such as mobility and healthcare.

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Corpy's XAI allows customers to improve AI from the comfort of their own offices.
AI's black box
Machine learning-based AI systems that inductively derive rules from data work better than conventional rule-based systems in executing complex tasks with higher precision. However, when they make wrong decisions or provide incorrect outputs, it is impossible for us to understand the reasons behind such decisions or outputs. This situation is referred to as the black box of AI.
What is an XAI?
The technology that unlocks the black box of AI by explaining the reasons behind the information output by AI is referred to as XAI (eXplainable AI). Specifically, when AI provides incorrect outputs, we can see the reasons behind the outputs and understand which feature values of inputs drove the AI to provide such outputs.
Corpy's XAI
In addition to identifying all the previous studies published on XAI to exhaustively incorporate their findings, we also invest in the research and development of our own XAI technology. We propose an optimal XAI approach for each manufacturing site to allow customers to improve AI from the comfort of their own workplace, enabling the so-called "human-in-the-loop".
Corpy's QAAI correctly and clearly visualizes the quality of AI.
Continued lack of quality assurance system for AI
The quality assurance processes used with deductively constructed conventional systems often do not work for inductively constructed machine learning-based AI systems. There is a need for quality verification technology and quality assurance process dedicated to AI systems.
What is QAAI?
We collectively refer to quality verification technology/quality assurance process for AI systems as QAAI (Quality Assurable AI).
We participate in the "QA4AI" initiative for creating quality assurance guidelines for AI and are planning to verify the AI guidelines created by the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST).
Corpy's QAAI technology
We have accumulated the latest know-how in quality verification technology for AI, including metamorphic testing and adversarial attack testing. Conducting comprehensive quality verification by using our AI quality verification tool that takes into account both the possible disturbances and the potential changes in the environment helps customers avoid a situation where AI that has worked in the PoC does not work when temporarily introduced into an actual setting. Furthermore, the visualization of quality verification in a way that is understandable not only to the individuals working on site but also to decision makers in top management positions allows customers to have confidence in proceeding with the actual incorporation of AI.

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