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Latest update: 22/11/2021 13:22:51

Link Co.,Ltd.

Focusing on designing high-quality printed circuit boards, we will support you in various ways, from planning and development to assembly.

Our company has flexibly fulfilled the needs for PCB-related EMS (substrate manufacturing, parts procurement, and parts mounting), from product planning and development to mass production, focusing on PCB design, by making various proposals from our long years of experience. From single unit prototyping to high-mix small-lot mass production, we provide high-spec, high-quality PCBs by designing with production efficiency and costs at the customer's site in mind. We also have experience designing and manufacturing flexible printed circuit boards (FPCs) and highly heat-resistant liquid crystal polymer (LCP) substrates. We can manufacture substrates using domestic and overseas factories following the specifications and content required by the customer. For the electronic parts, we not only procure the specified components but also try to offer parts procurement proposals and information that may be beneficial to the customer depending on the part.

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Sales Pitch

We have extensive track records in PCB-related manufacturing fields such as FA, image processing, medical, and communication equipment.
[Business Category]
Manufacture of Electrical Machinery and Equipment
[Business Description]
PCB-related manufacturing of factory automation, image processing, medical, and communication equipment, etc.
[Processing Details]
Single-sided to highly multilayered substrates; Flat through-hole substrates; IVH/build-up substrates; Design of, manufacture of, procurement of electronic components for, and assembly (machine mounting, manual mounting) of printed circuit boards; Hardware development; Software development; Firmware development
Main Business Activities
(1) FA Equipment-related Products 
Transfer cleaning device substrates
Tray feeder control substrates
Semiconductor molding equipment substrates
Bare chip mounter transfer substrates
Crop dryer control substrates
Transfer elevator control substrates, etc.
(2) Image Processing Equipment-related Products
LVDS image input substrates
Camera-link image input substrates
Analog image input substrates
GigE Vision camera compatible image input substrates
Multi-code reader substrates
Portable CMOS camera module image input substrates
Small CMOS camera substrates, etc.
(3) Medical Equipment-related Products
Syringe pump substrates
Insulin pump substrates
Chemical liquid measurement control substrates
Switch boards for medical equipment
Nursing care support system substrates, etc.
[Company's Proposal]
In addition to the total support for PCB-related operations, from product planning and development to mass production, we can also provide support from midway in each process, offering flexible assistance to meet your needs.
[Strengths of Our Products and Technologies]
We are confident in our contract PCB operations from design to assembly (including parts procurement). In particular, we have a great deal of experience in image processing equipment, factory automation equipment, and communication equipment. We can meet all your needs from designing, manufacturing, parts procurement, and assembly of single-sided, multi-layered, and fine-pattern printed circuit boards, covering single-board prototypes to mass production.

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