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Latest update: 19/10/2022 16:03:09

Kamiya-Electrical control

Electrical design, control design, robot teaching

We take orders for all processes from design to launching and delivery. Flexibility that only a sole proprietorship can offer.

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Electrical, control, and robotic aspects of production equipment
[Electrical design]
We take orders for the electrical design of production equipment.

Applicable software: IJCAD (a CAD highly compatible with AutoCAD)
[Control design]
We are good mainly at PLCs and TPs manufactured by Mitsubishi Electric and Keyence.

Equipment we have experience with

PLCs: Mitsubishi Electric's FX 3 and 5U, Q, iQ-R series; Keyence's KV series; Omron (to the extent of modification)

TPs: Mitsubishi Electric's GOT 1000 and 2000 series; Keyence's VT 3 and 5 series; Omron (to the extent of modification)

Robots: Fanuc's vertical multi-joint RB; parallel link RB (visual tracking)

Servo: Mitsubishi Electric's J4 series; Keyence's SV2 series

Communications: CC-Link; CC-Link IE Field; Ethernet IP; PLC link; RS-232C; RS-485; NET/H

Safety controllers: Mitsubishi Electric's WS series; Keyence's GC series

Other: IAI's ROBO Cylinder; Oriental Motor's pulse motors (of various types)
We take orders for teaching Fanuc's robots and performing simulations and offline programming with Robo Guide.